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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by APoster661, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Hey everyone i recently truly committed to NoFap and am on my longest streak yet (24 Days) Now here's whats new:

    -Can see women as attractive in real life again or sometimes.
    -Reduce In HOCD
    -Wanting a girlfriend again
    -A bit more motivation and happiness
    -Craving for women

    If you dont know my story I have HOCD and fapped to gay porn for a while after escalating im pretty sur.

    Now 2:

    Im getting thoughts like "NoFap wont help you...you like guys admit it"
    However since i got this far, pretty much everything about guys repulses me and right now dicks are gross absolutely vile and if I was gay i would feel like I was not happy and could feel like im missing out on women.

    Today i noticed 2 very very attractive women and one I would love to see again and I started getting aroused thinking about her and I have developed a crush on this other girl too. So this is a good start i guess.

    But today I also kept getting thoughts of dicks and id get tingling feeling in my balls and such and I dont know why...nothing is attractive about them.

    Will NoFap remove this and make it so no more tingling to dicks, like I dont know what my brain likes about it?

    NoFap is helping me realise again I love and adore women truly, not men. But its the idea that im nearly at a month of P ( I kind of googled 'Womens used panties' on ebay and got very very aroused but i clicked off so no relapse i guess) free and MO free. By now i feel like I should be strictly out of HOCD and loving women again but im scared it wont work and ill unhappy and have intrusive thoughts about my sexuality ):

    Thanks for reading if you did.
  2. Not everything changes at the same time and certainly not overnight. It's gradual, give it time.
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    I'm new to nofap and I've started experiencing HOCD, problem is I'm not gay. So that should tell you how messed up porn is. I keep pretending like HOCD isn't affecting me but it is more and more. I need to cut porn out of my life for good but the problem is I've never had a gf (29) and I get super lonely, porn was my escape. Now I have none.

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