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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, May 8, 2019.

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    Most of the people (including business people, students, people who seeking for spirituality, who`s in psychedelics) every must have stumbled accross the one of the

    complex question in Philosophy, which 'What is an Ego?'.

    Yes i know Ego is the primary reason for ones destructive behaviours and emotions..

    One can either feel too good or too bad about oneself. People with high self esteem put idealize themselves above all others around them..

    in contrast, people with low esteem, put themselves at very bottom of hierachy.

    Let me explain about my concern (my experience which I perceived as EGO)..

    the problems that I`ve been facing by the EGO..

    If I know something better (or rare stuff), whether it`s about health, psychology, technology, I brag it to others who aren`t really aware of that.

    If someone makes me angry, uncomfortable I cant leave them just like that
    In an argument, i feel like shit if I`m not able to defeat back..

    If I achieve positive progress in my life, my ego craves for more progress, more success (FEELING MISERABLE AND UNSATISFIED)..

    So, as i mentioned above, those are the 'ONLY' proper definition of the EGO??

    or ego is also means wishes??

    desire to eat, desire to live longer, desire to have sex, desire to own more possession

    even desire to achieve higher level of understanding in Philosophy, desire to attain Enlightenment?.

    What are the differences between desires (wishes) and the EGO?

    can one completely diminish ones ego FOREVER?
    or we can able to kill the ego only in specific parts of our LIFE?

    Please give me clear, yet simple explanation for better understaning about the EGO?
    I`ve been watching many youtube videos, reading important articles throughout, yet I can`t differentiate between two poles DESIRES and the EGO..

    which is better, and which has a lesser quality of self-sabotaging?
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    My Journal
    I see you want knowledge. I really like Philosophy too^^ I am sorry but rn now I am busy I hope someone will answer that question. Otherwise hit me up with a privat message ^^
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  3. Ego is fear
    Ego is hatred
    Ego is self-doubt
    Ego is seeking attention
    Ego is instant gratification
    Ego is lying
    Ego is insecure

    We all have ego, some are aware of that fact and others are not. Ego is not our "real self" (soul), it is more like a tool, it's our mind and its capabilities.

    E.g. if I'm salesman I must know how to persuade people to buy something I know is great product and helps them. Instead of persuading people to buy something I know is scam and doesn't help them.

    People with "good ego" usually lift others up, they are confident, positive and know when their ego tries its tricks.

    When people with "bad ego" usually talks smack about others, projects their insecurities to others and are not able to be self aware, or aware of their ego.
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    Ego is objectification. The fact our language has a noun called ego prompts us to believe there is an unchanging "thing" that's considered a self is misleading, because if people change then it's all process and verbs rather than nouns.

    So there is no ego as such, but there is ego-ing - it's an activity that just gets repeated and the persistence just makes it look like a solid object.

    And that's a way to distinguish desire from ego. If there is a desire for something, it is a movement, although if it is a materialistic view it is about having rather than doing.

    A desire tends to involve a simple movement of going from A to B right, but there's actually more detail involved. For one thing there are many desires, PMO just happens to be strong ones. You have to identify with one to believe there is a thing, otherwise a desire is just an experience that happens in time (and actually in an environment with a bunch of other desires and non-desire movements) and is therefore limited, it will go away at some point.

    So I'd say it's not about diminishing it or making it go away, which starts with the catch-22 of focusing on "it" when "it" is a process and not a thing in the first place, and movements happen in a huge field with a bunch of other movements. By taking a step back and developing a broader view and a spacious mind you see it's actually a small part of what's happening, both in scope and duration of time. Maybe then it's seen it's actually manageable and not this big deal.
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    The human being is narcissistic by nature. Our image to people, reputation and ego have been inflated even more this time. Social media is based around stroking people's ego with likes and attention. Setting each person value by the amount of followers they have, how amazing their (fake) lives seem to be, how many likes they get, etc.

    How can we detach ourselves from ego in order to progress?
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    Ego is the illusion of self as a real thing separate from the universe.
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    very well put, I don't agree with the creator gave me a job part but that's IMO so thanks for this post man! I wish you great success finding inner peace and contentment.
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