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    First of all I m 25 years old and I want share my feelings right now. Sorry about my english I m not native speaker, but I think it will be okay.

    1. I used watch porn included mostly of nylon foot fetish porn, and JOI videos, femdom but almost always included something with nylon fetish. That's what I kind of like ... In real world I had only one experience with foot fetish I worship for a moment her feet but we were drunk, I was very high...it was only ->one night girl. But I think I enjoy it she didn't tell me anything about next morning a I don t know if she liked it, but didn't refuse me of doing this.

    2. Currently I m single and its been a quite a while since I had last gf. Now I realize I want to have some closer friend (female obv) and maybe in next future healthy relationship. I think if I want to achieve I have to stop from PMO and not jerk my cock by myself like a biggest loser in this galaxy. This way is going nowhere and its getting worse and worse. The only way to change my personality its doing something and PMO it great start.

    3. Right now I m on 9th day of completely abstain from PMO, So far so good sometimes I have an urge but I can killed it very quickly. But sometimes I get really horny but I know I have to stop immediately. Some notices. Before I start noFap challenge, in this situation I would definitely search for some porn and... Instead of this I decide to type this post and share my feelings. I m really glad I did this.

    4. After 9th day I feel more feelings to the people, actually I get a little bit intererst to one girl. I know her quite a while but we re meeting occasionally mostly at Friday night's but not every week but never in private, always with group of friends. My friends I don't know why they connect me with her... you know the situation what I m talking about. She is single and she is 12 years older than me , so do the Math of her age :). But I really like her, she has behavior is like our ages because she has mostly friends in my ages. I think she also like me mostly from our friends, I hope so :D but I can feel it because I try to give her the most attention. And now I realize i want spent more time with her. I don't know what is going on, but I care more and more about her. Before the challenge I didn't really care.

    5. I want to continue at least 60 days of abstain from PMO, I think I can do this, it's not going to be easy but I'll do it. See if some changes comes :)

    6. I hope this post make any sense :D
    This post was written under the influence of weed Peace to all :)
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    Now Im listening this song instead of masturbating how great this is right ?
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    Ha! I love you for posting that, man! I haven't listened to it in a few months, but it's still a childhood classic. I mean how can you not dance to that song? Gets rid of all urges and just creates such elation.

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