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What is happening

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Laiten, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Laiten

    Laiten Fapstronaut

    First at all sorry for my Bad english
    iam 20 years old and iam watching porn for 8 years and starting mastrubate on them for 7 years.In my childhood i was very hot to see a Body of a woman.Her ass her boobswas amazing for me.I started with low porns and searched up year for year more dort things.I watched brutal gangbangs bdsm deep throat. Everytime i wanted more things to get a nice orgasm.Than i started with watching transwomen for me was this a highlight i got a very good sorgsam After that i watched Lesbians and straight porn and the Vagina doesnt erected me.It was to Boring and my orgasm wasnt to intensive.i wanted a again a disgusting shit.I watched transwomen again but i had fear that iam gay because most trannys have a dick .I started to watching gay porn to test me .I dont have got erection .I wasnt interested for that.Suddenly i had a fear that iam gay because i watched transgendered person porn .Than if i saw a man body it felt like i got an erection but it was an groinal response.I had many years a fear to go to the zum because that iam afraid that iam getting an Boner from a man.I thought about sexuality it scared me out that iam attracted to a male gender.I have a fear that iam no more attracted to a girl.Sometimes i get thoughts where iam sucking dicks or someone fucking me in my dass but i dont want it but my dick get an reaction.
    Someone he is gay told me that is not normal
    and he assured me that iam not gay but my thoughts saying me that iam gay.If i see a good looking man i thought am i attracted to him.Its very depressing.The thoughts came everyday back.I cant handle it more please help me.
  2. It is natural to happen, as a person keep indulging in Pornographic materials he will keep seeking novelty and his Dopamine will keep asking for more pleasure, so the user will get more fetishes and sexual desires Hardcore porn and gay porn, etc..

    You need to start a full recovery and avoid any sexual indulgence until your mind recovers. Read more articles about such issues from websites as Yourbarainonporn.com

    All the best :)
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