What is it with all the commercials?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Deleted Account, May 3, 2017.

  1. There are way too many in the General Discussion Thread. Could you try to add some kind of blocking system for that?
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    ohh.............thread commercial ........

    i thought TV commercial ... i want to talk about TV commercial some time
  3. Go ahead pal, seems like noone gives a shit about the General Discussion Thread anyways...
  4. I posted a thread about 2 weeks back about this as well. Nothing.
    Its as simple as adding a captcha verification during sign up to keep out these ad bots.
    They instead went and put the verification for the Emergency tool content submission form.
    I was reporting these accounts for a while in the hopes some of the mods would notice. Nothing so far.
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  5. We have a capcha verification during sign up. These are likely being completed manually. We also have a large number of anti-spam plugins. What you are seeing is only a small fraction of the attempted spam postings that occur every day.
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    Yeah my friend and I used to run a forum. It's absurd how many spam bots crawl forums. If we even dropped the filters and captchas for ten minutes we would have hundreds and spend days cleaning up the mess.

    Considering the size and prominence of this forum, I'm impressed by how little gets through.
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  7. Now that I'm thinking about it, it could really be quite tough, considering that these people could use VPNs. Do you guys track the thread-titles of the commercials? They all have a very similar form, if they fall into a certain pattern I'd automatically trash them, no one starts a thread with "www blablabla com supplements" other than the commercial-guys.
  8. We do but they keep changing them as we add regular expressions to restrict them. There will always need to be a human element, at least for the foreseeable future, to block spam. For that we need more volunteers. We'll be posting a thread soon announcing openings for new volunteers to help combat the spam problem.
  9. One last idea: Did you look into evolutionry solvers? I don't know how well they would operate to your parameters, but you might be able to limit the number of humans working on spam by that method.
  10. Lol I don't remember doing that, or providing an email ID for signup :emoji_sweat_smile: Maybe a verification by email? But that's overcomplicating the first usage scenario which I guess is what you're trying to avoid.
    Another could be allowing creation of threads after a Minimum period of 1 day? But again that makes the first use annoying.
    Anyways good job you guys are doing :emoji_thumbsup:
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