What is living on Autopilot?

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  1. A_glass1900

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    I lately heard of the word Autopilot as in self improvement.

    Tell me if I’m wrong, does it mean your pushing yourself hard to be the best of you to other people, but your not naturally the best of yourself?
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  2. No, I think it means you're going through life in an automatic mode and not really being present enough in your life. Instead of pushing yourself, you're acting based on your normal habits.
  3. Upwards2020

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    Autopilot means you've got it sorted and don't need to manually fly anymore chuck it into autopilot and it fly's itself
  4. smh_fam

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    Basically, anything you do over and over again repeatedly will eventually become automatic to you. That's how you learn things. Like when you're first learning to drive, you have to consciously think out how you need to move your foot over the brake and press down to stop the car. Over time this becomes instinctual and you are able to perform the action without thinking at all.

    Living life in autopilot is just that. Acting out whatever habits you have developed without learning how to do anything new.
  5. Letting life happen to you. Being passive, extremely impulsive, flitting from thing to another. The opposite is being intentional about the life you want and taking daily steps towards that goal.

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