What is my motivation?

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    I'm back on nofap after a long vacation. Frankly I never thought I'd make another appearance here but I'm back with a vengeance, ready to kill this habit. I don't use porn consistently anymore; the only time I give in to temptation is late at night when I'm drained of energy and willpower. That's my weakness: when I'm alone + energy fading fast + awake because I'm sleepless. I probably fap once every other week, once a week at most. I've been on the passive train lately--I haven't done much to take a stand against pmo. But that's what I've come back to do.
    The following is a compilation of quotes from various posts which I find motivational and insightful for my current journey:

    "At this point I'm realizing that we're all still vulnerable. 30 days of abstinence doesn't make anyone a master of nofap. Nor does 90 days. The real challenge and absolute key to success is knowing what your triggers are and how to avoid them at all costs, along with your powerful reasons for quitting."

    "A lot of porn addiction or masturbation addiction comes from the need of wanting to be loved by someone. There's usually a root, so we all need to find what our issue is individually."

    "As for your questions... It depends on one's life priorities, aims and passions.
    There are people out there who don't drink vodka because they have tastier beverages to drink.
    There are people out there who don't use vulgar words because they know more efficient ways of expressing their thoughts.
    There are people out there who don't score every chick on a party because they know better ways of self-fulfilment and proving their masculinity.
    And finally--there are people who just don't flipping masturbate, because they find it a pathetic waste of their precious time on this planet."

    "Go hard or go home. Screw 'everything in moderation'. Be an extremist. Be phenomenal. Don't waste any one of the seconds that you own on this planet on masturbating or watching porn. Go get some in real life, and make things happen.
    During my entire streak of freedom from pmo, I didn't miss my fake girlfriends I used to visit every day on my screen. And I couldn't care less about their lives, because I had mine. And mine was better."

    "Having withdrawal cravings? You can learn to actually like the withdrawal feelings because that pain your in represents the beast that you're starving to death. Once its dead, you'll be free."
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    same problem here. at night , it is very difficult.. loneliness + drained of willpower + emptiness because of draining of energy
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    Great point, @r8js. Always great to hear from you.

    Don't fight the battle when you're weak, @zavenwycliffe - fight it on YOUR terms, when you're strong!

    Late at night = no electronics, in my case :)
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    Thanks @vxlccm, good advice. I'll start putting the electronics to bed before I put myself to bed.

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