What is my sexual orientation?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Wolves, Jul 11, 2019.

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    I've always gotten horny over other women since I was 11. I love a sexy body on a lady, I love tits and ass and I love a girl dressed in sexy clothing. I've always wanked over straight porn, predominately focusing on the hot girl getting pounded. I am now 19, I've been doing now fap since I was 17. I've noticed something this year. I have an attraction to certain guys. Although I'm very specific about what guys I find attractive. With girls I find most of them hot. There's only 2 guys I've thought about in a weird way. The strange thing is though, I have no desire to kiss or do anything sexual. I don't like the idea of dick at all, but I like the idea of cuddling up to another guy and sleeping in the same bed as him, but I would never want to touch his dick or for him to touch my dick.

    I have these feelings about one of my closest mates and I'm very conflicted. I find guys attractive mostly by there face and hair. I like cute, slim guys with a similar build to me. Whilst with girls I find there legs sexy, there hair, there face, these ass etc etc
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    Hey man

    I guess some feelings to guys are not considered as bad behavior , especially when you are attracted to girls mostly..
  3. Infrasapiens

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    Maybe you are bisexual, there is nothing wrong with that.
  4. Samadhi Pañña

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    Would it be a terrible thing for you to be gay or bi?
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    Often, stories like this follow a kind of formula. That is usually that guys get less interested in heterosexual porn and start to watch gay porn. But you haven't done this, yet you have these homoerotic desires to share a bed with your hot best bud.

    This leads me to the conclusion you have some gay/bisexual part of your orientation. However, remember, that there is great variety in how this comes out with different people. If you are bisexual, it does not mean you are 50% straight and 50% straight. Maybe you are 70% straight and 30% gay. Whatever the case, it may take some time before you are sure about it. Don't panic bro. :)
  6. Mr.Chips

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    Maybe due to some hormonal changes as you grow, this can happen in teenage, also by watching porn things become messed up. Just don't make it to be a problem and be sure that you are a straight guy :)

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