what is quickest way to get a girlfriend

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by tweeby, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. tweeby

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    and then hopefully a higher quality one?

    Because this is literally one of the only areas in my life that I've struggled with. I'm sick to death of having fantasies with women I can't get. I've got close but no cigar. I would like to put this to bed... All ideas welcome.

    If it means dedicating 2hrs each day to approaching then I'm down. I'll do whatever it takes.
  2. The quickest way would be to stop obsessing about it. Girls can sense that you are desperate to get into their pants and this is a major turnoff.
    If you still want to obsess about it, read the book Models by Mark Manson. There´s a lot of truth in this book, and it does not focus on some stupid mind games or tricks or techniques, that trick a girl into sleeping with you, just like the other PUA stuff does (and trust me I´ve read a lot of it).
    It actually focuses on character development and becoming attractive.
    But if you are looking for a quick and easy way, there is none. Nothing that is worth having comes easily.
  3. tweeby

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    thanks buddy i'll be sure to check it out
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  4. The Consigliere

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    Might not be the quickest way, but give fewer fucks or stop giving a fuck and the girls will come to you.
  5. kingpietro

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    love you'rself if you don't love you'rself a girl will not love you.
    Like someone else said you need to be happy without a woman.

    of course if you don't talk to woman nothing is going to happen. But you shouldn't search fora girfriend
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    Start by changing your outlook a little. If a woman picks up on your intention to get with them as soon as possible, with the intention to upgrade and move on 'when possible' then you stand no chance. Be willing to make female friends without any intention to date them. Try to be the beat person you can be-kind, sensitive, giving. Be generous without expextations of reciprocation. Be the best version of yourself. Be brave-let people know when you are attracted to them. Not throwaway comments that objectify the woman. Ask a person out if you want to date them. Be okay with rejection. Someone not being attracted to you is not a value judgement on your worth as a human being: it is a personal, subjective lack of interest. Those people in relationships have all dealt with rejection on the way there.
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  7. tweeby

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    Ok guys thank you for your advice I'm thinking up a battle plan.
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    I thought this was a serious question.
  11. This thread is loaded with great advice, love you guys
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    You know what you are like, not just your strengths, but also your weaknesses. How much time do you want to spend with a girl who wants to be with a guy like that?
    Do you want a quick girlfriend, or a lasting one?
    You could go for quick, while you do some self improvement like finishing your reboot. Then you can break up and move up to a better model. Dating becomes sort of divorce 101.
    You could also look for a girl that you could be good for, one that you could encourage to become a better person, and you could both grow and improve together.
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    Right statement..
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  14. CrumplyCrumps

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    Whip it out and lie it on the table. Works for me everytime.
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  15. CrumplyCrumps

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    But on a serious note, just
    be yourself. Acting differently works, but you will end up with people who you cannot stand. Being yourself will attract people with similar personality traits.
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    Well be better version of ourself first and clean from pmo and other kind of bad habbits.i already clean for 7month feel like a real man! Its okay to do tinder date also for boosting the confident and hopefully attrach the high quality girl that we want.just always push ourself to the limit and take action.goodluck!
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  17. faplordxd

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    Build a rotation of 10 girls you're fucking then pick the one you want
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