What is "spiritual intimacy"?

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    Over in his thread Looking for youtube videos to more eloquently introduce wife to.... @JustADude posts this YouTube video

    4:10 into the video Rebecca says:
    I added the emphasis because I'm struck by her phrase 'spiritual intimacy' in a relationship. What does it mean? I know lots of couples who post here (either as an addict, a significant other, or both posting from their own perspective) are spiritual, and are often involved in their local church. What does siritual intimacy mean in a marriage or long-term relationship? How does it play out in your daily lives and routines?
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    As a person who struggles with his belief in a higher power, grew up going to private catholic school until I was 18, and was raised by devout catholics, I like your question, what does spiritual intimacy mean?

    To me, spiritual intimacy refers to a closeness with someone that is more than emotional and more than physical. A closeness that is difficult to describe with words, a subconscious closeness, a closeness that defies logic. For example, someone you are spiritually close to, brings you completeness simply by being present in a room with you.

    Said differently. Physical intimacy is touch. Emotional intimacy is positive emotions caused by logical responses to a spouse's actions. Spiritual intimacy is everything beyond physical and emotional, all of those feelings of closeness and unity that are illogical and difficult to explain.
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    Thanks @JustADude, I can see that, and it is a reasonable definition of spiritual intimacy especailly for people like me who do not believe in a higher power. But Rebecca and Terry Crews are very religious people, and I imagine that it means something more concrete for her, something that manifests in her daily actions and routines. I wonder what that is.
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    God, spirituality, etc. are all constructs used to define the unexplainable. I think that is true with regards to spiritual intimacy too.
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    You know... I have asked that same question to a lot of devout believers. They have all had a hard time explaining what they mean by spiritual. It seems to be a nebulous concept, they just *know* that their feelings are coming from a higher power. Hopefully someone more in tune with their spiritual side or someone more religious will chime in with some insights.
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    As a trainee occupational therapists we have to study spirituality. So we would say that spirituality is the core beliefs and meaning in a person's life. This might be about a belief in a god or gods, or in family or in a sense of community, or belief that hard work is the key to a fulfilling life.There is a massive range of concepts and ideas people believe in and live their lives by.
    I would say to have spiritual intimacy with someone is to open up about these deep rooted core beliefs and share them with each other.
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    I agree that spiritual intimacy is beyond physical - it's a sense that you're "one" with your partner, connected in a deeper level. One practice that might be worth exploring is Tantra. My girlfriend and I hired a tantra coach that has helped us develop a spiritual intimacy practice with one another. Before a love-making session, we'll start by meditating and being fully present (does wonders to get rid of fantasies in your mind and being present with your partner). Then we'll do eye gazing, where we stare into each others eyes for 10 minutes, which really connects us. Then we'll give each other a massage with oils and relaxing tantra music (you can find playlists on YouTube). We'll focus on light touch, eye contact, and even set an intention for our love-making session.
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    I read “What is spiritual intimacy?” and just thought “Shagging ghosts?”
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    Same here. hahaha.

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