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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Erick Pastora, May 25, 2018.

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    We've all been there. Regretting things from the past, putting ourselves into too much pressure by thinking of a perfect future, beating ourselves down from every missed opportunity and a lack of optimism and confidence to enjoy what we can do. You see, my philosophy is very oriented to "nothing matters, we're all going to die". Now you'd think this would be a very pessimistic way of thinking and that everyone who supports this hypothesis is someone who doesn't do anything for his or her life and is miserable 100% of the time. But you may see it this way, if nothing matters and we're all tiny parts of a gigantious universe, then my purpose in life is limited to a very short time and I'm going to make the best out of it.
    You don't have to share my philosophy, but if your purpose in life is to enjoy it, then stop holding on to the past, stop expecting a perfect future. Shit happens, and the world isn't ours to control. What we can control is our lives and ourselves.
    Now, success. When we think about success it's usually the idea that if I make a lot of money, if I get the best job ever, the greatest wife, the best car, the awesome st body, I'll have a smile that no one in the whole world would be able to erase. I call bullshit. Again, you don't have to share my philosophy, but what's very wrong about that is that: 1. If you die tomorrow without any of those things, you'd think your life wasn't worth it. 2. Even if you do get all this stuff happiness won't just pop out on you like a zit.
    So, what do we do with this information? Pretty, fucking, simple. Live every moment, enjoy every step of the way, love the process of you getting towards your dreams. I won't say that in this society it isn't great to have all those things mentioned above and if this is what you really want I won't tell you to drop your dreams. What I'm saying is success isn't in the goal line, success is waking up in the morning every day for the rest of your life knowing you're giving your whole effort towards your goals. Success is taking to the girl you like even if you're afraid as hell, it's working your ass off towards a great body even if it hurts when you lift a glass of water, it is eating a healthy diet even if it tortures you to think of eating McDonald's, it's putting your whole efforts into your job or in school even if you're tired.
    Thinking of the future is not bad, but idealizing it too much so you don't enjoy the moment because you're putting pressure on yourself is. Acknowledging your past isn't bad, it's bad to hold on to your "mistakes" and regretting your decisions. You can't control the results of what you do, but you can control the effort you put in towards your goals.
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    Spot on bud, 100% - great philosophy!
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  3. Yeah good post bud, got me to think in this moment that sucess to me at the minute is to live today doing my best.

    Your right, if I die tomorrow I would not have reached my goals and that would have made me a failure. This may change everything!

    Thank you for sharing and well done!
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