What is the basis of your recovery?

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    Day 11 achieved! Yesterday reflecting a little on this path, I was thinking about why does time pass so slowly? I came to the conclusion that having a day counter is good, but if you know how to use it with balance and purpose.

    I think this has happened to many of us, we look at the day counter and despair because we want to see the number 90 or more days of which we have.
    It is true that this is a challenge, but I think I have to adjust my mindset that this is not just a challenge but a way of life. It is not restarting, it is not only abstaining from seeing P or not doing MO, but from having a totally different way of life, as if it were a new birth of ourselves. That is why it is so important to review what our motives and interest are to do NoFap.

    If the interests are of the type: recover to later have more sexual debauchery or for women to look at me more… we are destined to fall since that reboot will have weak and superficial bases.

    NoFap should not be just a challenge but an opportunity to be born again and realize that our old life was totally shattered.
    We can only have a new life through a new consciousness that allows us to see life in a different way… a more pure, integrated and correct way, and this can only be done by studying.

    Soaring Eagle's words:
    “Rebooting without studying is the same as rebooting by brute force and / or rebooting blind, which will only guarantee failure. This is because the level of determination has not been high; After the hibernation period for desire is over, we reach the peak period for relapse, once the urge to relapse is irresistible, often followed by multiple relapses, all previous efforts are eliminated. I have mentioned the importance of rebooting by studying countless times in previous articles. If you do not study, you will not be in the knowledge, your consciousness will not increase or expand. Once you have reached a certain stage in your studies, your determination will increase, with this determination you can defeat the demon of temptation, or if not, each encounter with the demon of temptation will end in defeat. It's hard to avoid relapsing when we are in the early levels of the beginning of our reboot, suppose the demon of temptation is at level 100 and your determination is barely at level 15, how could you resist the temptation? Only through the study of the reset will we be able to raise our level of determination, once our level is high, the demon of temptation will no longer be able to move us. Relapse should not be scary, what should scare us is not studying, because the result of this will be continuous relapses, exposing our inability to escape from the vicious circle. "

    Let's go for day 12 clean!
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