What is the first thing you like about a guy?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by mirx88, Feb 25, 2019.

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    hey ladies,

    I have been very depressed lately... i m almost 30 years old, single and feel very unattractive.. i do know that i m a bigger guy and feel like this may be my limiting factor.. i tried losing weight but depression making it worse... question is, do you think i m over analyzing it? Or are women also looking for attractive partners- same mentality as how guys think or look for in women? I m so confused as many women say they want a respectful man but how come no woman wants me? Always as a friend only?
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    Friend, woman are strange creatures. They don't make decisions based on logic and reason like us men, they make decisions based on emotions, which is why they SAY one thing - but mean something else completely. Although they can be shallow (like us guys) when it comes to looks, my opinion is that they all ultimately desire the same thing, to be loved by a man and to eventually settle down and have a family. What is true though - is that if you're a "nice guy" - as in someone who's always available, agreeable, needy and openly emotional - it's a complete turn off for women. That doesn't mean we need to act like jerks, but it means we must have enough self respect and have enough self belief to say that we are happy with oursleves and we can get through life just fine with or without women. That kind of attitude is likely to attract them to a guy.
  3. You asking this on the wrong website. There are very FEW women here to give you answers you can afterwards analyze .
  4. Yes, women would also like to be attracted to the man in her life.

    I’ve known quite a few men who claim they can’t get the girl. They’re always the friend blah blah blah... they all had one thing in common.

    They kept going for women that were way better looking than themselves.

    You admit you’re overweight. Are you asking overweight women out? Or are you ignoring them trying to get barbies attention?

    Yes, women want a respectful man. We want much more than just that though. If you find yourself in “the friend zone” that’s nobody’s fault but your own. What do I mean? If you were okay with just being friends you would be happy with that arrangement. If you’re not happy it’s because you went into it trying to trick her. You acted like her friend for the sole purpose of getting in her pants. When she only wants to be friends you’re left confused. How do you get her? Stop being her best friend and be an old fashioned gentleman and woo her.
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    I have never liked those stereotypical handsome men. Of course you have to be physically attracted to a man to get crush on him. But... Now I'm trying to translate my thoughts as good as I can... For me, physical attraction comes when a guy is nice, polite, doesn't talk shitty of others. And when we have something in common, and when I just get the feeling we are getting along pretty well. When I feel comfortable in his company. When I have had a feeling that the guy is genuine, and he haven't played any role. I have liked if I have seen a little sensitivity and emotional side in him. I love it if someone has looked me in my eyes with his kind eyes, and like he is attracted on me too. I know girls who are shallow and who don't have any skills for reading other people. But if you come up someone who is interested to know you better, my advice would be, just be yourself. Don't play games.

    Even though there are many types of girls, I think every girl wants an honest man who respects them. .. maybe those shallow girls just want a "hot guy" as a trophy, and don't care about deeper connections.

    Edit: I forgot one important thing: first you have to learn accept yourself, and get comfortable with yourself, and your looks. Even if you are bigger guy, it doesn't matter if you are confident and not hiding! Someone will love you as the way you are.
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  6. Mind if I step in here champ.

    Yes, women want an attractive man ! Given the choice, an ugly man or attractive, they will pick attractive.

    Same for the guys, we want attractive women. Given the choice ugly or attractive, we always go for attractive. But we base our decision 100% on looks.

    Women can base their decision 65% on looks,, and the other 35% on a guys wallet.

    So..... start getting attractive, with your body and money, because you are going to 40 and still single if you don't. Speaking from personal experience
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    Well I am not a woman
    And also inexperienced in relationships
    But I have seen many big guys get the best of girls .....
    First you should made a routine in losing weight
    And for that you should increase your metabolism rate....
    For that drink lemonade every morning.....
    Then be yourself.....and the most important thing is financial security......
    If you got the cash......then you are the "man"
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    And also do yoga and cardio....instead of gym
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