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    Boys and Girls,

    When you come to a place where you have total control over your urges during the day, but EXACTLY ONE HOUR AFTER GOING TO SLEEP you wake up in a fever and PMO.
    This is my BIGGEST problem, with PMO. I haven't seen anything on it specifically,
    It could have something to do with sleep cycles, as that would be the first cycle of coming out of REM, most likely.
    But what I've found works after having this probl for a year and a half is;
    1. Excersise before bed for 10 minutes(weights training)
    2. Meditate for 10 minutes(breathing&grounding techniques)
    3. Turn off all electronic devices
    4. Wear underwear(which none the less,more often than not, are I explicably off my legs by morning)
    5. Place hands as to channel energy from groin to upper body.

    Over Christmas I had an extreme binge with these same characteristics of spontaneous nocturnal triggering, I can not afford to have again.
    I am 11 days into my longest streak in a few months, andIve been starting to wake up again, I still apparently have enough determination to keep myself from O. though, so there is hope. It is so close to getting out of hand again.

    Psychology knowledge?
    Sleep knowledge?
    Energy transmitting knowledge?

    Thanks a mill,

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    For wet dreams and urges what might help is:
    1. To not ate anything 4 hours before bed. So if you go to bed at 10pm your last meal should be at 6pm. Also last meal should be as light as possible. If you need energy get those calories in at breakfast and lunch, keep dinner light.
    2. Focus on as much raw plant foods as possible. Animal products such as meat will heat your sexual energy up. Cooked food also to lesser extent. Dinner should be ideally only raw vegan. Cooked food and meat should be had only during breakfast and lunch.
    3. Fasting helps a lot. Intermittent fasting, one meal a day, 48 hour fast once a week, etc. Whatever method you use will be beneficial against wet dreams and urges.
    4. 6th Tibetan rite before bed.
    5. No drinking water two hours before bed.
    6. No spicy foods.
    7. Meditate for more than 10 minutes - mindfulness meditation for 60 minutes before bed. This is the most powerful because not only meditation calms down your subconscious mind so you not get wet dreams, but it also builds your discipline and self control so you do not relapse when you wake up.
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    You need spiritual knowledge.
    The enemy tries to attack you when you are sleeping.
    It seems you are not spiritually protected while sleeping.
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