What is your goal in life?

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  1. Be happy and share my love with a healthy body/mind
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    That's it. I don't want to be a slave of this sick society and I surely don't want to work in a bullshit job. To become free, you just have to become financially independent. Money is a huge barrier for most people and I don't want it to be.

    I'm actually working on web development and I'm planning to become a freelancer. Don't know if it will work or not, I don't care. This is my only hope for now. If I didn't had that, I really think I would have been in depression since a long time.

    Anyway, this is my ultimate goal. I have many other goals but this one is the most important.
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    I'm the exact same. It's like you're my clone or something it's so weird. I'm also trying to become a full-stack web developer so i can work as a freelancer from home and become free and i'll start my courses soon. It feels nice to find people with the same pattern of thinking out there. I thought i was completely alone in this maniac society who ignores the elephant in the room.
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    Get the biggest and best collection that, I can. All the other goals are out the window. lol
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    For a long time I don't have real goals in my life. Mostly I'm doing some kind if chalanges like in RPG, like get a job in other country, assemble quadrodopter, make a game, write a book. But it's not goals that probably will make me happy. It's just a pleasure of achieving. If you ask me, what will make me happy, I will not be able to answer. Even drugs (OK, not hardcore ones at least) or antidepressants was not able to do so. Porn was able to make me happy for short period of time... But you know, this is not the best way to do. With years magic effect of porn dissappers. Now I guess I have nothing.
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    Just wondering, how does one please God?
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    Getting rich. I want a treasure that can’t rust or be stolen.
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    simply by accepting Jesus Christ and having faith in Him.

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