What is your Most Embarrassing Moment?

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  1. ac1909

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    I figured since were all anonymous here and a lot of us have a hard time staying positive in our reboot, why dont we have a thread where we can laugh at our own embarrassing moments?

    The idea is to post a story of something that happened to you that was embarrassing and you look back at it now and laugh... or cringe at the thought of it. I figured reading each others stories will make is laugh or make us cringe but either way, getting our mind off of our addictions and boosting our mood.

    If people start posting i will post my own stories as well

    you can put more than one!
    No triggers either
  2. Poseidon

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    I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone...
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  3. Can I pm you my embarrassment moment?
  4. scote73

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    I leaned in for a kiss with this girl, and she turned her head away. I thought the moment called for it, and I clearly mis-read the situation.

    What made it more embarrassing was the sympathy kiss she gave me like 5 seconds later. It felt extremely hollow - she clearly felt bad for me and forced herself to do it. I was cringing at myself the entire drive home :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  5. Well you see... A few years ago I left public school and got homeschooled. And after I did that I cut off some old friends and toxic people in my life.

    Well eventually I missed them and started stalking them on social media. I kept trying to follow a couple of them on instagram with a fake account (I had drama with a few so they blocked me on my main account) and I was curious to see how they were doing in life.

    Well my one classmate I kept trying to follow kept rejecting my request. Eventually she accepted it, screenshotted my follow requests and account, then posted the screenshot for her 5k followers to see captioned


    Then my other clasmate who knew who I was outted me and said "Oh I think that's ___'s acc".

    Gossshhhh I was embarrassed. I deleted all social media since that incident. I still cringe when I think about it. Image what they said about me at school the next morning.
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  6. Its 6:06 AM and im laying in bed with flashbacks of this horrifying (to me) incident
  7. TIMMY0110

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    when I was caught waiting porn by my parents. I was 14.
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  8. Same but 15 yrs old.
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  9. TIMMY0110

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    I had promised them I would never watch it again. Here I am, 10 years later
  10. Same man same fucking reason. Do you wanna talked?Pm me
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  11. ac1909

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    Omg i feel you! Ive had a situation like that where I was trying to get this one girl to makeout with me basically but she wasnt having it amd i look back at that moment and im lik you horny idiot youre so stupid.

    thanks for sharing !
  12. ac1909

    ac1909 Fapstronaut

    ohmy goodness i woudve destroyed my phone if i was you!!! Sorry about that man but wow! well at least it wasnt for a bad reason, you said you wanted to know how thwy were doing..
    Thanks for sharing bro!
  13. The most embarrassing things is a girl was flirt with me and I didn’t know how to respond.
  14. MLMVSS

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    About a year ago, I accidentally emailed a chapter of my mate’s spicy erotic fanfiction story to EVERYONE at my work complex (at least 800 employees) from my personal account (I work in security, so I have access to an email directory that emails everyone there). Because the directory’s first 5 letters were the same as my mate’s email, I just typed those in and hit tab (which takes me to the most used one, which was for work), and I didn’t notice until after I hit send.

    That was on a Friday; throughout that entire weekend I was thinking of ways to quit because I was that embarrassed to come back and face everyone.

    Eventually, I had an idea (in fact it came from someone online with a similar experience only weeks ago at this time). That Monday, I just told everyone (this time from my official account) that my personal account was compromised/hacked, and to not open anything from it. But, I’m sure people still did and read it. :confused:

    I still kept the job; in fact my boss still laughs about it. Which is... good, I suppose.
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  15. ac1909

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    Ive personally flirted with a cute girl at the gym and made a fool of myself on my 2nd attempt when i decided it was ok to ask if i could use the same machine she was using amd we take turns... she agreed. To my dismay, her boyfriend was on the machine next to us watching me. I couldnt be weird and run away so i just put my headphones in and did my sets and went on with my workout. I still crimge to this day

    thanks for sharing man!
  16. ac1909

    ac1909 Fapstronaut

    FYI now this girl completely ignores me at the gym, its hilarious
  17. ac1909

    ac1909 Fapstronaut

    Damn well played, but i can imagine how you felt that weekend! i wouldve been dying lol but yes at least you got to keep tour job!
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  18. That’s embarrassing.
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  19. xeon1993

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    Caught at spotlights in a small party in their WC having a PMO moment, got so urged. Damn, to this day I feel embarrassment remembering. And it was like 7 years ago.
  20. I label myself as a geek, I don't know if that really count as a embarrassed but I am not proud to be in the group.sorry

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