What is your Most Embarrassing Moment?

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  1. I was more frustrated by that one than embarrassed I guess it all adds up to learning I always got pissed as to what to say now I realized I was realy overthinking it

    I wasn't caught in the act but when I was 15 I found my dads porn stash behind the washer one day he pulled me aside and said don't be watching them , I claimed innocence but he didn't let up about it so I asked him how he found out he said because I forgot to rewind the tape it was an old VHS tape long before the dvd era my heart was broken the next day I got home from school and the tape was missing I was devastated it wasn't funny then but it is now
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    I dont like to disclose my real name on here but i remember when i was in school, people would make fun of my name on the first day of school or whenevrr a sub was thwre and did roll call (my name is also a girls name but im my culture, latino, its unisex) that was always embarrassing but later on i got ised to jt and people never made a big deal it was just that one day and then everyone got over it. I look back at it now and laugh

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    Reminds me of a guy I knew named Alexis, who constantly had that happen to him also.
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