What is your opinon on this article?

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    There are multiple studies that say exactly that: porn and masturbation don't affect testosterone levels. Nothing new.
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    The article is super pro masturbation as you obviously know.... Given those on nofap have lived with the negative effects of M.. I can definitely say the article is totally opposite to my real life experience.. interesting how they lay all the blame on stress... Sorry I don’t buy it.. happy to disagree
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    Some of what's written is true, but not a lot. If you abstain from O, your T levels will spike after 7 days of abstinence. Plus one study did measure higher testosterone levels after 3 weeks of abstinence. I can agree with that masturbation doesn't cause ED, but we're not talking about occasional MB here. Compulsive excessive MB can and does cause ED, especially in combination with P. Don't believe everything. There is tons of unsubstantiated bullshit found on the net. Believe only science backed articles.

    "Endocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm in healthy men following a 3-week sexual abstinence.
    This current study examined the effect of a 3-week period of sexual abstinence on the neuroendocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm. Hormonal and cardiovascular parameters were examined in ten healthy adult men during sexual arousal and masturbation-induced orgasm. Blood was drawn continuously and cardiovascular parameters were constantly monitored. This procedure was conducted for each participant twice, both before and after a 3-week period of sexual abstinence. Plasma was subsequently analysed for concentrations of adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and testosterone concentrations. Orgasm increased blood pressure, heart rate, plasma catecholamines and prolactin. These effects were observed both before and after sexual abstinence. In contrast, although plasma testosterone was unaltered by orgasm, higher testosterone concentrations were observed following the period of abstinence. These data demonstrate that acute abstinence does not change the neuroendocrine response to orgasm but does produce elevated levels of testosterone in males."

    "A study from 2003 measured testosterone levels in men after various lengths of abstinence from ejaculation. There was minimal movement in testosterone levels between 2 and 5 days of abstinence. However, testosterone levels peaked after 7 days of abstinence.
    Another study from 2003 measured hormone levels, including testosterone, during a masturbation-induced orgasm both before and after 3 weeks of abstinence from masturbation. Data revealed that testosterone levels were higher after the 3-week abstinence period."

  4. Me personally I break out in horrible cystic acne after masturbation alone. It ain't worth it.
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    Wish i could back this up.. but ive heard/read that porn/masturbation affects the receptors in which testosterone binds, therefore testosterone becomes less effective within the body.
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  7. I guess the more natural you become the better for you
    Sexual energy for male is supposed to be transformed. So he can be succsesfull in reaching his goals.
    Masturbation itself is not bad, of course.
    But you may become 10x better without masturbation.
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  8. Look at all your idols that you look up. Pick up whoever you like, in politics, finance, business, sport, historic figures or even Superheros like Batman.
    And then imagine they watch porn and masturbate. What does this make you think? Does it fit to what you think they are? Now you know what you think about porn and masturbation from the bottom of your heart.
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