What is your political compass?

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    You can take the test here: https://www.politicalcompass.org/

    My compass is:

    Economic Left/Right: -0.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.85

    (After you've done the test, right click on the image of your compass so that you can copy the link and insert it here).

    My views on economics

    I used to be further to the left economically, influenced by the socialistic thinking here in Sweden.

    But I've now begun realizing how powerful competition and the free market are for stimulating productivity and growth. I've also begun realizing how ineffective and pathological big states tend to become.

    I am quite centrist economically now, so I'm not a libertarian. Although big states tend to become pathological, I think a truly libertarian society would be chaotic. I think the state should have a roll in infrastructure for example.

    Productivity and creativity should be rewarded through the free market, but I also believe there should be a social safety net, ideally nobody should have to starve to death. And I think the state should have a roll in science as well as possibly a role in for example museums, parks and statues (depending on economic circumstances).

    I love nature and believe in regulations to protect the environment. But hopefully, changes can happen through the free market with for example Tesla and lab grown meat.

    My views of authoritarianism

    As I've gotten older (now 25), I've gotten more conservative personal views and values. But I've actually become slightly more liberal politically. Because it should not be up to the pathological state to tell us how to live our lives. And you've gotta do you, I'd rather lead by example than by pointing fingers and casting stones.

    What is your political compass?
  2. immortal5

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    Dont know shit about politics so not even gonna attempt it
  3. I like to divide my political views in two things; practical and ideological. Because dreaming of perfect world is one thing, but that stuff does not always work in reality. We are where we are now and we need to work with shit that we got in the most rational and practical way possible. Then once we get our lives as a society in order we can work on improvements. But what I often see with a lot of leftism is that people's well being is sacrificed for the sake of concepts and ideas. So I consider myself to be practically more of a centrist (maybe slightly to the right) and ideologically more of a leftist. Anyways, I will do the test, just for fun, and see what it says.
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  4. Well this is what I got:

    Your Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -2.88
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.51

  5. Spiff

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    I've got this weird hybrid thing going on. I'm a protestant Christian with very orthodox views of theology and personal morality (although clearly a failure at carrying them through in my own personal life), but I recognize that we live in a secular country whose founding fathers were mostly irreligious deists. I believe that Christians should be generous with their money, even to those they think don't deserve it, and I believe that we should not judge or force our morality on unbelievers. I'm basically the opposite of your standard evangelical Christian, and I believe my ideas are supported by the New Testament.
  6. Star Lord

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    No point me taking the test.
    My views change depending on policies.
  7. The Consigliere

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    I don't really feel like taking this again, but I know I'm a Libertarian.

    EDIT: Taking the test right now.

    EDIT: Check attached image.

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  8. WalkingForward

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    Barely a Libertarian bro :p

    According to your compass at least. But you are the first one to the right of the economic line :eek: Bernie Sanders would crap his only pair of underwear, in one of his many houses.

    No authoritarian conservatives yet, I think that is contrary to prejudice about us here on an anti-porn/masturbation-site.
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    This is interesting. It's been many years since I took the test and before I was assessed as a Libertarian. Now, it seems I've drifted toward the center and slightly to the left. The left? The LEFT? Oh God! I'm a liberal! Somebody just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!

    These questions really should have a neutral item because for some of them I didn't have an opinion either way. They don't really have anyone in their list of ideologues that represents the center. Any good centrists I should read up on? I know, I know, the center is boring but it's where I find my happy place. =)

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  10. Why? If it's your view, it's your view.

    I agree. While doing it I was thinking I wish there was a not sure option.
  11. Monster Carrot

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    Economic Left/Right: 4.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.38

  12. It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, it's meant to divide and conquer the masses as the elites do what they want behind the scenes. For example in America, the election of Donald Trump was rigged, he was supposed to win. Your votes don't matter. Most world leaders are controlled by the elite.
  13. John84

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    I answered Agree to most 6 pages of the questions except a few. Guess I'm just skirting the left-wing authoritarian political view.

  14. Upon what evidence do you base your assumption?
  15. Couldn't you say that about most things where people have strong opinions? Like Christianity or sports?

    Or maybe it has nothing to do with dividing and conquering - maybe it's because we have different opinions?
  16. John84

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    I think this test is some kind of joke to make left think their right and vice versa. I never thought of myself being left. I don't agree with the results it gave me lol
  17. Loui-fap-A-rooni

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    Im mr. conspiracy I guess, but I definitely believe both parties work for the same corporations(mainly pharmaceutical/oil/energy/food/banks). I also believe presidents aka puppets are selected based apon what would cause the most social divide among society based on the current views and beliefs of society. Divide and conquer is the ultimate strategy, from race, religion, football team, political affiliation,ect. because when we are divided, we are weak, more dependent on the system and more consumer minded. United, we are strong, and we wouldnt need outside corporations to rule almost every aspect of our lives. I dont have proof, because obviously in every controversial topic there is always science backing up both claims. My evidence is only experience and the experience of many loved ones that have served in the military and has seen what our government is involved in the middle east(everything from oil, opium(for pharmaceuticals and heroin), and mineral trade). This isnt intended to hurt anyones feelings or start an argument, just offering my 2 cents I guess, just hoping my fellow fapsters can see the ways we are constantly being distracted and divided, and as a result, more addicted. Much love!
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  18. WalkingForward

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    I don't know how accurate this test is.

    But it's accurate for me. I'm playing it safe in the economic center and I don't have much mental energy to waste on caring about how others choose to live their lives.
  19. Actually I thought of myself being left and I got left... Maybe those who think of themselves as being on left don't know what the right stands for and vise versa.

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