what is your spiritual path and moral values?

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  1. InnerFaith

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    for me, i try and the adopt the values of buddhism..
    and sometimes i try to read into jewish values about abstinance from masturbation, and sometimes it has too primitive/supersticious approach to it..
    but many values of both buddhism and judaism i try to adopt,
    i am sure islam and christianity has them as well.
    (because thats what is availble to me, having a jewish family background, not my ideal choice, but there is plenty of content available for morality doers)

    my goal other than fapping is mainly: to practice right speech, avoid bad word about anyone, others and me included..

    share your spiritualtiy here
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  2. jk243

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    I am a Christian, So I try to let the Bible be my ultimate guide for living.
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  3. recon117

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    I'm kinda like Buddhism aswell but I have also some own values which I came up by my own. I think a mix of both is critical and that's what we are lacking the most in our society in my opinion.

    My other goals besides nofap: helping the local community with project or helping society overall but these goal are made for a lifetime.
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  4. JustOnePair

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    I take no spiritual path.
    My moral values are don't be a dick. Being nice makes the world go round. Also, you are responsible for your own mistakes. You mess up, you sort it out. That kind of thing.
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  5. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    well i think its a meangful question, because without morality to guard, our journey to rehab will be hard. i think sticking tight to ethical values gives meaning to this struggle.
    for example, the moral agreement to never use a prostitute again, whether its an escort or filmed prostitution called porn, because of the value to not harm other living being, other human.
    to moraly understand that even as a spectator of a film or a picture, i create traffic and demand on somebody's site, and he creates demand from porn industry itself to supply more content. even if its free. porn industry exists because of us viewers even and mainly the free users, so we contribute too.
    the violent sex workers industry exists because we come and pay to escorts.
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  6. Hros

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    I'm a religious Jew with all the morals and values that come with it. I try very hard to become closer to God and to be a better person in every aspect of life.
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  7. drac16

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    I'm a non-denominational christian. The theologians that have influenced me the most are Charles Spurgeon and James White.
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  8. Sakazuki27

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    I found my spiritual path in my religion. Until a turning point in my life I didn't like Islam and thought it was a way of controlling people and children. Just watch the news. But I learned that faith is something personal. Everything I do is between me and God. So I want to obey what He made obligatory for me as good as I can. Our prophet (pbuh) gave advice on how to deal with the difficulties of abstaining from masturbation and sexual lust: fasting, finding something useful to do, lowering the gaze, self-awareness, staying away from bad company and strengthening the faith/willpower. All practical advice that I try to follow. And it makes sense to me.
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  9. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    you are a positive example thank you
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  10. u376

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    Islam has very good techniques in handling lust
    During my graduation there was a Muslim guy with us......he was very motivating for me
    He hardly pmoed in his life
    And he used to credit reading namaz for that
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  11. Don't have one. I view our existence on a much larger scale than others do. I'm slowly starting to believe that more meets the eye. Do you know how astronomers thought all these wrong things about our world? Geocentric? Hell, even before that, people believed the stars were an optical illusion. Do you think we have the full picture of what's really going on? I don't think so. I think we may know 3% of the big picture.

    This whole concept of life seems crazy to me. Btw, this is my stressed brain at 1:30 am in the morning after a big study binge and just smoked some weed to fall asleep because this RedBull is in my system.. so I may not be in the right state of mind for this convo.

    But I don't think there's specific guidelines that you're supposed to follow in life. I think it is what you make of it. I met this guy I met briefly and he told me "take every opportunity that you got". I've been thinking about that alot. I've missed alot of opportunities in my life. Maybe that's what life is all about man

    I do follow certain rules I place for myself that I have either learned the hard way or I think I would want to avoid in general.

    Just one example that I would want to avoid is snitching on somebody. Ivd calmed down on this rule drastically since high school. This belief is mainly due to environmental factors along with musical influence. But also it seems to be a common theme among people my age. Ive realized that older people, lile adult adults. Dont really abide or care for that rule. For instance, they'll snitch for stupid reasons. Like on kids smoking weed or drinking or something. Lots of people out there like that. I don't get mad or angry anymore at those people bc it's whatever, most people are like that anyways. I have no idea why though. Also i think people say they won't snitch bc it's a mainstream thing to say "fuck the cops" and "I'll never rat", but when the cops show up and have you detained asking questions, you see who people really are. Trust me, I've seen it firsthand more than once. Also i was in that situation with these guys. These situations aren't even high stakes just a charge not even jail time, except one was scary. I do think though that if you took that situation vs if i was staring down the bullet of 40 years minimum in prison, my policy might change. And that's just being real w you guys. I said might, you'll never know how you'll react in that position until you're there. Look at Teshaki 6ix9ine.

    So I basically just do what I like, even if that means breaking rules, and I let others do what they'd like. Unless they were physically hurting me or another person.

    Again, I don't think there's specific rules as to how to live your life. That's kinda messed up to me imo, but I don't think it's necessarily unhealthy. I think it can be if you make really big sacrafices to meet these rules/laws or if it brings you any sadness which I think it does alot of people.
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  12. I'm quoting myself. I think this is really what life is. Just taking opportunities and experiencing new things and people.

    Living life on your terms and what you wanna do. Just don't be a dick about it.
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  13. Sarah Walker

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    My Journal
    I'm not religious at all, but if we're talking spirituality I try to adopt some things from Buddism. More specifically Zen, it's a good thing to practice and helps me stay in the moment instead of being stuck in the past or future.

    As for morals, I have my own moral compass I follow.
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