What is your work schedule?

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  1. Just want to see what everyone's work schedule looked like? I'm continuously trying to get a healthy work-life balance to spend time with my wife and young children. So, key questions:

    1. Average or range of hours/week you work. (e.g. 40-50 hours/wk)

    2. Work times (e.g. 7am-4pm)

    3. Amount and durations of travel out of town, sleeping away from home (e.g. 20% of time is travel 3 days - 3 weeks)

    The examples are roughly my answers.
    Feel free to share your occupation. Mine is an engineer.
  2. IWantABetterLife22

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    I have work for 16 hours/week and have class for 13 hours/week. I don't know how much my answer will help you, because I'm a 22-yr old Masters student and part-time retail worker. I have a girlfriend though, and she works and goes to school as well. We find time together on the weekends.
  3. Thanks. Your time might be filled up by studying as well. Do you keep a semi-regular schedule as well even though you may have more flexibility than average?
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    I used to work as freelancer the last two years and I consider that as one of the main reasons of my addiction .... no rules and no work time and no habbit patterns
    Today I work 9 hours aday except Thursday when I have only 4 hours

    That helped me alot in controlling my problem

    I am 30 years old architect and designer
  5. I work 40 hours/ week.
    7 am-4 pm.
    travel approx 40 min to work and home and spend about 20-30 min driving within the work.

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