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    Since my last streak of 30 days came and went. It was the longest streak I've ever done BTW. I relapsed but restarted again to continue on to my goal of 90 days. Anyways here's some observations I've noticed in myself.

    I've joined a christian support group so now my social anxiety and awkwardness is slowly beginning to fade away. I smile, wave, and even say hi to people more randomly now. Never used to be like that in my pmo binging days.

    I've noticed that my urges now are not so much to watch porn but to be with an actual woman. Before it was I used to get urges and spend hours at night edging on videos. Now everytime I get an urge I usually text or message a friend so we can talk. I find women more attractive when they smile or when they giggle. Back than all I cared about was M.O. and that was the end. But now I just want to be around a girl even if its just as friends.

    Finally, Ive noticed I truly understand what it is to be bored. I've deleted or have severely limited my social media usage since it was also a trigger. Now without porn and without social media..I truly know what it means to be bored. Instead Ive been using those boring times to do push ups, sit ups, squats, and jumping jacks. I've been writing and working on my music more. I've been thinking more about my future than ever before. Before I used to get bored and immediately resort to watching porn or getting on social media and fap to girls pictures on there.

    I'm still searching for a girlfriend but I feel like now I know who I am and what I want. I've been learning about myself thru reading on here and living in the real life moments. I am really rebooting when I compare myself to even the beginning of this year.

    Together are strong! Yall can do this and overcome...lets go man!.
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    That's awesome you are realizing these truths about what you really crave and want and not what porn artificially provides. Being a week into your current streak (I think of this *nofap* as "new normal) must be feeling pretty good and even easier this time I hope. Stay strong and lean into the Lord. Even when my mood is bad and I am lazy and tired and not focused on God I know he is focused on me and rooting for me to have the best he intended. The same goes for you!

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