What kind of ED do i have?

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    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I really like your theories but I'm unsure where's the balance between abstaining and stimulation.

    I've been a heavy porn user for about 20 years now. Developed PIED and then nearly complete ED. Even still I was continuously masterbating with a semi-flaccid penis. Right now I'm 26 days into my reboot and I feel pretty good. Starting to get the occasional MW at about 60-70% hardness. I like to believe this is a good sign. Unfortunately the erection goes away as soon as I'm fully awake.

    I'm committed to 90 days but I'm not sure after that point. Also uncertain what the goal or expectation should be for a man my age. Do you have any expectations on what post-reboot sexual-self will be like?
  2. @Endlessknight it all depends on what you are looking for. Are you married?
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    I think yes, if the P use was heavy then you need a detox, I always wondered about this 3 month thing, seemed kinda arbitrary...i mean do you really feel much better on day 91 than you did on day 89? But ok, 3 months abstinence, then what? Well there's a ton of people on here going much longer, still in a flatline, no ed/pe improvement, this is when I've come to think no, this is absolutely not helping your sexual health. The whole idea seems crazy to me, that you completely shut down your sexual mechanisms - and they are supposed to suddenly explode in radiant health? Every part of your body, cv system, muscles, etc...needs regular stimulation to stay healthy, I believe the sexual mechanisms are no different.
    I've actually been trying to find research on this. There is NOTHING out there to support the idea that long term abstinence (6+ months) promotes sexual health. I did find a Finnish study which found that cases of ED in men who had sex less than once a week were double those who had sex more than once a week - the more sex you had the less ED. Sex is good for sexual health. Use it or lose it. From an article about the study:
    This new study was conducted on a group of over nine hundred men, all ranging from 55 to 75 years old. Cases of erectile dysfunction surfaced widely among the group of men who had sex less than once a week… but why? Disuse Atrophy may be the cause and is defined as occurring when a muscle (or organ) is no longer as active as usual. When no longer in use, they slowly become weaker. Eventually, they begin to shrink.
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    I too find the 90 days timeline arbitrary that's why I'm focusing on physical signals like MW. Nocturnal emissions would be another good sign but I rarely had them when I was young, less than 5 in my life, so I'm not sure how likely there are at my age.
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    90 days is just something to hold on to. The ultimate goal should be to never watch porn again because for former porn addicts it is not possible to watch it in moderation.
  7. Getting off PMO for an extended period of time for me was about more than just the getting an active sex life back. Giving it up had positive effects on my mind, personality, mood, work productivity, and in my relationships. My PMO mind was obsessed with sex and little else. So I suggest you think of this as re-wiring your brain so that you can enjoy more of life. I hope that helps.
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    I agree in theory but where's the line between addict and enthusiast? I'm 27 days without porn and I feel fine, does that sound like an addiction? Could an alcoholic go 27 days without drinking and still feel great?

    I accept my porn/masterbation was excessive and harmful to my sexual function but does that automatically make it an addiction? Right now my plan is to abstain for 90 days a reassess. Just not sure what's a reasonable expectation for a man my age.
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    Guys I'm on day 107 of hard mode of No PMO and I feel completely dead. No errections other than morning wood. Errections last only a few minutes by touching.
    I also have low Testosterone 440.
    I also have ED but it gets wose when I stop PMO. I'm getting married next week and feel like a mess. Just want to e*d my life.i cant maintain erection in standing and i have no sponatanous erection
    What I've observed is No PMO only saves energy it doesn't help if you have other issues like ED.

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