What kind of Ed i have?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by NepoleanSolo, Apr 6, 2020.

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    Hi friends
    I'm now 25..almost and been a heavy fapper to porn all my life since 12.my average ejaculation count for a day was ..i think 4.i never had sex but got some opportunities to be intimate with girls..i can get get an 70% erection with porn but i loose my erection instantly if i stop stimulating.if i simply masterbate to imagination then the erection is even more pathetic.
    I was on a 2 month nofap streak and started getting some rock hard erection.during this time i got 2 occassions with a girl to make out..the first time it was short and i hardly got any erection.but for the second time we had it for some long time and the erection i got was fabulous.
    But things took a U turn when i bumped into some soft porn on YouTube at around 60 days into the streak.after that i relapsed and when i masterbated after that my erection quality was very poor.Do i have a strong ED brothers?..I'm confused

    I think that soft porn messed up my reboot and since i was a heavy fapper and need many more days to get things fixed.i would like to know your take on my situation.

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