What kind of music are you listenning right now?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Celibi, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Hank Pym

    Hank Pym Fapstronaut

    The noisy road traffic
  2. thinking_differently

    thinking_differently Fapstronaut

    The whole of Becky G’s Mala Santa Album. Some Andrea Bocelli and Sinatra for a change, besides Pop, Some Indian Classical music and a pinch of Vivaldi.
    lol I’m a music freak
  3. cadia guardsman

    cadia guardsman Fapstronaut

    Throw the jew down the wheel by Borat

    Só my country can be free
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  4. Lately, I have been listening a lot of synthwave music which brings out a lot of 80s nostalgic feels even though i was born in 2003. Personally, i feel that these songs give out a very strong message. They give the message of finding, falling in love and having sex with a real person whom you actually care about instead of jerking off to people you dont even know. Have a look for yourself :

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  5. Ashen One

    Ashen One Fapstronaut

    listening to the hobbit's main theme
  6. Iamcryinginside

    Iamcryinginside Fapstronaut

    I think synthpop is nice but I hate the nostalgia fetish surrounding them. It's great to look at the past but when you completely rehash a time period it feels like the present and future are shit...Oh. Now I see why people are rehashing the past -______-.
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  7. I just love listening to it. And you should also give it a chance. And by the way, you have put midori on your profile picture. Wow! I never thought I would really find someone who has watched the midori anime movie. Midori is a very rare anime and only few people have seen it. What do you like about the movie ?
  8. One of my favourite songs ever.

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  9. PornSux2019

    PornSux2019 Fapstronaut

    I see you keep posting these music videos, some of them can be considered quite triggering.
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  10. yeah man, I'm sorry. I'll keep that in mind.
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  11. god, this one is just so fucking good and dont worry it is not triggering :

  12. mouton1998

    mouton1998 Fapstronaut

    I recently watched a pychological horror called "Climax", by Gaspar Noé. In this movie lots of old disco and electronic songs were played, so I'm actually rediscover discos hit from the 70s and the 80s. I'm currently listening to Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Ultravox and The Cure.
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  13. This is the music that goes in my mind when I have an upper hand against my urges.

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  14. here, this is what i am listening

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  15. thinking_differently

    thinking_differently Fapstronaut

    Never feel too saturated with MJ.
    Just Beat it!
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  16. this one is a freakin masterpiece. Headphones recommended.


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