What kinds of exercises can I do every day from home to try and lose weight?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anonymous86, Jun 11, 2021.

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    Anyone here have advice for me? I'm still stuck at home right now.
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    Start with press ups. X times a day at a set time every day. Then increase it a little to whatever feels food for you. A roll mat will help and good trainers. Can you afford a cycle machine? They're also great for cardio but running is better once you can get out.
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  4. There's a bunch of at-home workouts you can do! Anything from lifting to cardio to HIIT to plyo to stretching. Some need equipment- true- but even without equipment there are plenty of no equipment body-weight work outs out there! Take a look at what you can find on YouTube- lot of great workouts there. Or sign up to something like Beachbody.com.
  5. exercise is great no doubt about it but for weight management, focus more on the diet. you cannot out exercise a bad diet.
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    This advice is spot on. I combined a diet change with exercise. It took a while but I lost 20lbs in 6 months. It takes time but you can use Google Fit and a pair of scales to track your daily progress. A real sense of accomplishment. You can do it, Anon66.
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  8. for sure, a lifestyle change is the best bet. My plan is just to keep making more better choices for myself then negative choices.
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    I should have mentioned there are loads of free apps for your phone where they talk you through each exercise in real time.
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    every morning 10 min HIIT abs workout, this guy fraser makes those vids and they're useful.

    HIIT workouts generally don't take much time but are best for this.

    also limit food intake, can't get fit if you overeat constantly.
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    Best exercise to lose weight is diet.. You lose weight and gain insane self control/willpower at that.. And you don't invest in time.
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    HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been shown to be the most effective for weight loss. definitely look into phone apps, there are tons of them with guided HIIT videos. 30 min a day of that plus a healthy diet and you should be good to go.
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    Jump ropes will make you loose weight like crazy.

  14. Love this truth!
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    The hardest part of losing weight is having the right motivation. You may be concerned about how you look or what others think of you. But I'm sure that motivation is not enough. We never get results because of others, and if we do, we remain unhappy. In fact, if we do something to ourselves for another person, we can only make them happy that way. It is important to understand why you need it. Realize that this life is not forever, and as long as you have this problem in your life, you can't enjoy life to the fullest. If you find it difficult not to eat on a diet, you can try to suppress your appetite and lose weight using medication. But you should consult a doctor first. I wish you luck and believe that you will succeed. The main thing is to understand why you are doing it.
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  16. If you're still stuck at home(and i assume no access to weights), i would look up body weight exercise routines to help boost muscular hypertrophy. Your metabolism has to burn more calories to maintain muscle.
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    Ditch fast-food/soda, it's way too calorie dense and will badly mess your brain, hormones, taste sensitivity etc.
    If you still consume fast-food and a full-on diet change is too much just focus on this one, no fast-food/soda.

    Move everyday, go for a daily 30mn brisk walk if your knees can take it, if not just a gentle walk or cycle if you have one at home.
    And bodyweight workout, depending on your weight and strength there are different ways to do exercises but push-ups, squats, plank, whatever just type bodyweight exercises on Youtube you'll find plenty.

    Just move however you can. And work on diet one step at a time, don't overwhelm yourself or cut too too hard on calories, if you do so you'll end up where you started, take it slow, make it bearable, a little goes a long way if you stick with it.
  18. Go running, I know it feels like crap at first, but it is the fastest way to loose weight. I promise you it gets easier and can feel absolutely amazing. The human body is designed for manny physical actions, but when it comes to running, we are the fastest long distance land animals on the planet. I don't know what you mean by "still stuck at home" but there must be some roads or forests near by you can go running through.
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    If your body can take it, this is so true. If you've not run before, try this: download a running app (e.g.couch to 5k) with a built in athlete on audio who talks you through each days run, a pair of wireless headphones, an arm strap for your smartphone, and you're good to go! Remember to warm up and warm down before and after each run. I dislike phys. but stuck with it, it did make a difference and I lost weight. It also felt good to be out running instead of looking at a screen thrapping myself to death.

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