What language should i learn?

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  1. I wanna learn a language bc i think it would be really cool. I'm thinking spanish bc a large majority of people speak Spanish. Especially bc of the recent influx of espanic people in the US. Plus i heard its the easiest & i already have some knowledge on it. I can't speak it but i can read it on a very basic level. Im using an app "duolingo" thsts good w preserving vocab but not speaking fluently.

    Other than that, i was thinking ukranian or mongolian for no other reason than those countries i fucks with.

    The best way to learn imo is to be taught it as a small child while learning your native language

    Anybody know a language, & how did you learn?
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    I don’t know another language fluently. I’ve wanted to learn Ecclesiastical Latin as well as Italian and Spanish. I also want to learn French, German, and Russian. I’m using Duolingo for Spanish. It’s been nice so far. I have friends who speak Spanish and I’ve been trying to watch more tv and shows with Spanish in order to help with immersion.
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    Chinese,I can teach you as I am Chinese. lol...
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    Top tip, if you want to learn a language, you have to enjoy it. I can't put up with endless lists of words to memorise without getting something back - I'd recommend learning a language where you could fall in love with the literature and culture. You need to want to use it - otherwise it'll just wither. I couldn't get on with French, mainly because the French literature and media just didn't do it for me, I did get on much better with German (though it's mostly gone now). Seriously thinking about refreshing that, or learning one of the Scandinavian languages.

    Or you could go way off piste and learn Welsh, Cornish or Gaelic
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  9. I was honestly considering this. I imagine it's easy when you get the letters down
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    A lot of it is really intuitive.

    It's also really special to know, considering people who are dependent on it don't have the option of learning your language to bridge that gap.
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    NO. let me advise you because I've studied it for years, it's not cool as "da vinci's code" try to make it seem. it's really hard to understand and translate and technically it's impossible to speak since there's no specific rule about some accents or some rules about how to talk, rules that people like Pope use are the ones taken from Italian and applied to latin
    not because it's my mother language but this is a good choice, it's very interesting and you could read most of the greatest writer(Dante for example) in the original language

    anyway my personal advise since I'm starting to learn it too is to learn the basic of japanese, you know they're cool, they'll have olympics and so on. a good choice I think
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    I plan to be fluent in Mandarin in 2 months more or less, then it would be Tagalog.

    Spanish is nice also.

    And still exercizing English here and there.

    I know French perfectly.
  13. Pick the one with the best insults
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    There is a difference in pronunciation and syntax between Classical Latin and Ecclesiastical Latin (sometimes referred to as Italian Latin) which is why the Pope speaks the way he does when using Latin.

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    ASL then, for sure.
  16. You read my mind
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    I've studied English, French, German and Spanish in school. Raised with Dutch I can tell you English is the easiest one to learn, especially since so many tv-shows are in English. Even though I live only a couple of miles away, French is really hard to perfectly master. I could probably get by in Germany as well but Spanish you easily forget.
    Since you already know English, in your case I'd pick Chinese or Russian, it's not going to be easy but knowing either one might come in really handy if you ever apply for a job with an international company.
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