What language would you like to learn?

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  1. I've been interested in Mongolian for a while. It's such a cool language to listen to and I also want to learn it so I can sing in Mongolian while throat singing.
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  2. En?gma

    En?gma Fapstronaut

    German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

    Also interested in Ancient Greek and Russian, i know the greek alphabeth and a bit Cyrillic, but didn't had any progress for now.
  3. RavenGT

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    Smell like poo in here
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  4. GotCaught

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  5. russian, a lot of people around me know it and it's apparently not that hard
  6. FirefromAbove

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    Not church Latin, but actual Latin that was used. There's a term for that type of latin and I forgot.
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  7. gordie

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    Always wanted to learn Russian. At 18 I enrolled in a Russian class. They told me I’d have to wait a year because this was more advanced. I never went back.

    Every day I think about it.
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  8. toziko

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  9. Atticus

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    Latin. So I could write journal entries in a language only giga chads know.
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  10. Melkhiresa

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  11. MindfulWarrior

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    Currently learning Russian and Dutch.

    In the future I'd like to take Chinese, as a sort of challenge, because of how difficult and different it is from the languages I already know. But I need to focus on these two for now, there's only so much you can learn at once. And also I'd like to learn a northern language like Swedish, very different from what I know too and fun to hear.
    In ways I can see why it would be considered not that hard but like any languages there are tricky parts. Don't focus on the language being hard or not, because every language will have its challenges, just work at it a little bit everyday. :)
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    1. Russian
    2. German
    3. Maybe Japanese, or Chinese (idk for sure about these two)
  12. Atticus

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    Thought of another one: Sanskrit.
  13. ndaty

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    yeahhh i wanna learn a language after hearing a good song in that language! i wanna learn hindi now, i love Dangal soundtracks haha
  14. Mixolydian

    Mixolydian Fapstronaut

    Currently working on Spanish myself.
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  15. FirefromAbove

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    Also spanish. Specifically for my career I'm aspiring for and to make me more competitive. Also I eat spanish food more than American food lol.

    I know there's a large Spanish community on this forum. If anyone would be willing to guide that'd be great. I could help with English obviously.
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  16. 1. English (It's crucial for my studies and career)
    2. Japanese (For..... marrying a Japanese :oops:)
    3. Russian (For singing Russian National Anthem lol)
  17. hairypalmsyndrome

    hairypalmsyndrome Fapstronaut

    German. I know some rough translations as I'm big into Rammstein
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  18. hairypalmsyndrome

    hairypalmsyndrome Fapstronaut

    I only know a handful of Russian words. Never bothered to learn it

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