What makes you laugh the most? Friends? Comedians? Mirror?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by ReclaimedLife, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Left wing comedy would have been much funnier when the right wing was more culturally dominant. Good comedy is usually subversive.

    I bet you like Owen Benjamin?

    Reminds me of my life plan- if Vice magazine approves of it, don't do it, and vice versa.

    That hench wolf looks sick, where did you get it?
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  2. Being honest here it was just through a Google search, if I remember correctly lol
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  3. Ra's Al Ghul

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    I do like Owen Benjamin. Even though I like politics, I don't like it 24/7 non-stop. I like taking breaks from it if possible. Some people can do politics 24/7, that's not me.
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  4. Unintentional comedy is the best comedy. I love good standup and movies but I tend to laugh the hardest at things that arent even meant to be funny.
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  5. Gotham Outlaw

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    Memes, certain movies, stand up. I've also been watching F is for family on Netflix and it's hilarious.
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  6. brilliantidiot

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    unintentional comedy, fails, sitcoms. Funny clips on youtube. The best is probably my dad lol.
  7. That's awesome.
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  8. I'm into deadpan humor, lately I been into Woody Allen movies, and this cracks me up everytime:
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    stumbled across this. This kind of thing gets me

  10. This is all pretty entertaining :037 had me on the floor the first 20 times I watched it.

  11. Dry humor, dark humor, lame puns, people saying dumb stuff with complete sincerity, my husband, myself, TV shows, my nephews, funny pictures or videos online, animals doing weird stuff... lots of stuff, really.
  12. Theo Von's podcast is good cos when he rambles on you can see one of the roots of comedy in play, with the almost free association in exploring what could be funny about certain ideas. I'm also inspired by the way he plays around with words, like expressing something in a bunch of different ways.
  13. My jokes,my dog,our priest saying wierd stuff

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