What meditation would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ANewMe97, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. ANewMe97

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    Hi guys,

    I want to start meditate, have you some tips for which one is the best?

    I tried mindfullness for one month but I didn't feel improvements.

    My goal with meditation would be to relax... maybe someone can share his opinion?

    Thank you all!
  2. I don't even know how to properly meditate. I just lay in bed, put on some good music (will listen to soft love music or fucking heavy metal) and contemplate lol.
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  3. ANewMe97

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    Not bad ! :D
  4. Coolbreeze

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    I have experienced with many different forms of meditation and I can tell you that from my experience the following two have worked best:
    - Mindfulness meditation (focus on something, a sound, a feeling in your body or your breath..)
    - Transcendental meditation (Repeat a mantra in your head)
  5. ANewMe97

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    A mantra like.. a sentence? Idk, like, i close my eyes in a comfort position and start thinking : i love myself and my life? A sort of that? Thank you!
  6. iwanttoheal

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    Relax your muscles, especially your jaw, the rest of your body will follow

    pay attention to your breath, when you naturally inhale, mentally label it “inhale”, when you naturally exhale, mentally label it “exhale”
  7. ANewMe97

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    Ok, and the result is a full relaxation of your body right?

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