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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by TONYP, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. TONYP

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    I've had mini successes on this road to recovery, and I'm very grateful. I think now I just have the feeling that I can take it up a notch. What are some more things I could be doing to better myself and even further my reboot? I work out, read, take long breaks from social media which have all helped.
  2. Get behind me Satan

    Get behind me Satan Fapstronaut

    I'm speaking to myself here. Try taking something up with structure that requires discipline beyond usual bounds. So maybe lessons of some sort, or an educational / training course.
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  3. Tibo87

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    + 1

    Also, make a list of goals / desires that you have and you may never have thought you could do before.

    After you have made the list, think of a strategy to realize them by using all the energy and the experience that you have learned from your experience and your dedication!
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  4. Mr. Paudel

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    All you can do next is find your PATH.
    P:- Passion (things your love doing)
    A : Concrete Action Plan
    T : Talents
    H : Habit you need
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  5. Tibo87

    Tibo87 Fapstronaut

    Nice acronym!
    Add to that a step by step process (the smallest the step is, the easiest you can take it) and you are good to go!
  6. DerSchütze

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    Learn a language you are interested in.
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  7. lolos

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    I would add meditation. Just keep working harder on what you are already doing.
  8. IOR_UWU

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    This is what I am actually doing now, and I just want to share you that this will really make you feel great. I have this check list(this list includes meditating, exercise, programming, and learning Japanese language) everyday that I need to accomplish and it really feel good when you accomplish each task you give to yourself everyday. Its just like you make a game with yourself as a main character and day by day you increase your stats which is really good.
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