What original, weird and wonderful TIP(S) do YOU have to help beat PMO?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by LouMan, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. seventyniner

    seventyniner Fapstronaut

    Imagine all your pals from NoFap standing around you watching you fap. Yuck.

    On a serious note: Whenever you're tempted by an image, imagine all of us being tempted by the same image at the exact second. Some will give in and fap, others will stay strong and move on. Which team do you want to belong to?
  2. LouMan

    LouMan Fapstronaut

    that there seventyniner i think is AWESOME . actually they all fantastic ...thanks guys
    my personal fav motto (not sure if its been mentioned on this forum)is:

    'The Secret to CHANGE- is to focus ALL of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the NEW- Socrates'
  3. Nofpaj

    Nofpaj Fapstronaut

    "Scroll passed the jerking and think of how pathetic you know you'll feel afterwards like you've done in the past. Realize the your penis is YOUR penis. YOU don't belong to IT! IT BELONGS TO YOU!! Therefore, it should have NO CONTROL over you. If it wants to get hard, so be it. Let it get hard (probably because it needs to in order to keep working) and let it pass. But, it sure as Hell isn't getting used. Don't be controlled by your crotch." This is what I tell myself.

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