What should I do when my classmates are cheating

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Soldier_Fiber534, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Soldier_Fiber534

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    Hey everyone. So I was having these problems within the classroom. Recently, during our exam, I saw most of my classmates are cheating and when the teacher is away, they say the answers loudly and sometimes using some techniques like coughing or something that will signals for answers. If I told it to my teacher, they would have hating me for a long time. What is the best solution or the best thing to do?
  2. You should do nothing. Don't be a snitch.
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  3. Mordobarn

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    There really is nothing that you can do.

    The right thing, of course, would be to tell the teacher; but you can't do this without repercussions.

    As long as their actions aren't pulling you down (e.g. by raising the grades thereby causing you to fail), just ignore it.

    They will suffer when they leave school and have to actually live by their own work, whereas you will already know how to work and pass exams. At university — assuming that you go there — you will be grateful that you didn't cheat.
  4. Correct, You have to be around your classmates every week day for months DONT SNITCH . It causes more problems then it solves, plus no on will trust you or talk openly infront of you or include you if your a snitch, also its the teachers job to catch cheating that because that's what they get paid for, you may not like it but don't get involved with it that's there issue
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  5. Re:Born

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    I see this practical.
    You have nothing to gain from snitching your classmates. It's not you business to 'correct' other people. We are not in a movie.
    Other than spite, harrassment and incoming bullying, there won't be any other outcome.
  6. Marik757

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    Ignore them. Stick to your gut with your answers. If you rat them out and they found out you'd be asking for future hazing/bullying as Antihero mentioned.
  7. Ogikubo

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    What the heck is the teacher "away" for? Is it his/her way of letting them cheat? At best, maybe a little unsigned note on the teacher's desk saying that he or she would be wise to be more on guard during exams. Other than that, those people sound like losers and your learning environment needs to shape up. As a teacher, I sympathize with you and encourage you to study hard and always be honest.
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    She goes to the bathroom and sometimes, I don't know where she really goes.

    As I've seen the answers you guys are right but the problem is, some of them are top students, they are my competitors in this situation and there is a tendency that some of my non top students might have outmuscled me or something.
  9. Mordobarn

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    I appreciate your difficulty.
    Maybe, as @Ogikubo says, send an anonymous note at a time and in a way that cannot identify you?
  10. Soldier_Fiber534

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    My classmates might have figured it out if the teacher do something like announcing that someone reported it. And I can be easily be the one who had send that note.
  11. But another day they might be your teammates that you would have to rely on. Like maybe teacher gives you some group project or something. There is too much potential risk and too little reward to risk ruining relationships with them. Think long term.

    Why them being your competition matters? Do you guys compete for monthly scholarship or something? If so maybe you got a point. But otherwise I see no reason for it.

    Life is not numbers game, it's people's game. Having high grades is great, but having good relationships is even more important. Because you never know when YOU might be in need for help. Or when somebody might give you opportunity simply because they like you or see you as trustworthy or honorable.
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  12. GratifiedSlave

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    Well, I'm in pretty much same situation. What you can do is be honest yourself; just care about yourself and stay away from any sort of cheating. Let them do what they're doing, they'll surely regret one day.
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  13. Ogikubo

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    The school itself just sounds like it's given up. Press ahead. Cheaters are losers.
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  14. Kredik Shaw

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    Just let it be, everybody have their style of going through school, and literally later it doesn't mean anything. If you snitch on them nobody is going to say thanks or give you nothing, you just win hate. Not worth it.
  15. overclocked

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    The thing about competition is that it usually gets dirty at some point. Bodybuilding is a sport in which everyone cheats with roids. If you don't cheat, you won't even get to stand on the stage.

    You say they are top students? So it is not laziness but the will to be better than others why they cheat.

    You can't let that happen if you want to be number one yourself.
    If I were you, I would anonymously send a letter of complaint to the teacher, the principal and maybe even to authorities. Explain what is going on in detail. No need to snitch on the students who cheated, but do criticize the teacher who let it happen. Take away the opportunity to cheat and you will have a level playing field.
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  16. Soldier_Fiber534

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    Hey guys, so this discussion has been like a year now but I've come to this situation again. Last time, I've reported it to a teacher that I trust. That teacher didn't announce it but she made a way to do something. But it didn't work. This time was quite different. I met some people who are cheating then boasting their scores like it was a milestone to them then bragging it to me like they beat me. I felt annoyed by that. I didn't even snitched them anymore since the last time I told it to the teacher. But one time, they all got caught but still, they keep on continuing it. But still, I was pissed because they were bragging and comparing their scores to me. Also it kinda pressures me to be not honest anymore since I don't feel like everyone is not being treated equally
  17. This is an important lesson and as some wisely suggested - "do not snitch".

    The reason this is the right thing to do is more about why you want to tell the teacher, not in the activity itself and what "snitching" reveals about you.
    You feel unfairly treated, you feel like someone else is getting an advantage, while you "suffer"
    Well, lets examine if that is actually the case, your grade is a result of your effort to study and perform, their grade is the result of their study and performance.
    Somehow you feel that their grade has something to do with you? It does not.

    You are "upset" because you feel like you want to do that too but you cant because it is wrong. So do you want to also cheat?
    The reality is that you want to honestly earn your grade and not cheat, but that does not mean others want the same, other people want other things and it is none of your business.

    There is a simple rule for when you should take action - when it affects you. If someone grabs your test and start copying your work - then it is your business. Casually slap their face or tell the teacher.
    If someone drives 100 miles per hour and puts you and others in danger - it is your business, it affects you. Take action if you can.

    This is not a question about morality - you just have to respect yourself and respect others.
    These cheaters are no doing anything to your test, so mind your own business.

    I just realized this is revived ancient thread, but principles still stand..
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  18. Infrasapiens

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    Do nothing. They are only fooling themselves.
  19. IAmLegion

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    The first glimpse into the darkness of mankind's heart is revealed in the classroom. You're now being introduced to a behaviour that you will observe for the rest of your unsupervised life, just on a much smaller magnitude.

    Do what I do.
    Help them out regularly till you're considered dependable. Make sure to consistently score well in your classes so you're always treated with respect. And if you ever need help in something not related to academics, call in the favor and have them serve you. Use blackmail as required.

    Learn to prey on the misdeeds of those around you. Don't ever stop it.
  20. May I please quote that at future occasions?

    Yeah better don't snitch, don't do anything and learn from this. Later, when you're working in a big company, for the Government or the military and you find out about some mischief, for example that they're poisoning the population with toxic waste, do as you've learned in school: never snitch, don't be the whistleblower.

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