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    I really need people's advice on this.

    Should I tell this girl that I want to be with her, or not?

    I'm 18, and I moved to A big city in September for my studies. I'm living in student accomodation in the city. I met this 21 year old Spanish girl where I live about a month and a half ago or so.

    I never would go for older girls, but she doesn't seem that old when with her.

    I only really started talking properly to her 3/4 weeks ago.

    Since then, I have met up with her on multiple occasions: going to the gym together, going running outside, going to the library, going for coffee etc. We get on really well, and I really like her.

    But, I don't know if she likes me back

    Good signs:

    I'm like the only guy she's been meeting up with frequently, there are others that also like her, who she messages too but doesn't ever meet up with. So this is a good sign. Some of my group think she likes me too.

    Some of the messages she has sent me would suggest she may be into me: when we first started talking we didn't send kisses , and haven't recently as it would be odd to randomly start , also she said she doesn't like sending them before. But she randomly sent me the emoji of the kissing face when she said good night and has continued to do so. She is quite flirty in her messages, and in the past has put things like : " you didn't come downstairs yesterday with the others:(" so she must like meeting me.

    She agreed to go out for a drink with me recently too.

    Not so good things:

    There are like 4 other guys where I live in my group that fancy her... And there is this guy on her medicine course who she has met for dinner a couple of times. She's weighing her options up it would seem- quite annoying that others like her too. If she liked me would she be meeting up with this guy?!:/

    My group went out clubbing last night and she came, one of the guys that likes her but has embarassed himself in front of her on a few occasions now by trying to show off this tattoo he has and also telling her about magaluf and what it's like and thus limited his chances: she allowed him to join arms with her and walk to the clubs. This is what I mean, I can't work out whether she's just being friendly or what?!

    I don't know if she just views me as a friend or not, but I just want to tell her how I feel and I'm planning to tell her asap. But I'm not sure whether to or not:/

    We both leave in July and don't come back- my course was only for one year and she was here for a placement year and then returns back to Spain. So if she feels the same it will only be for just over a month and a half... I think this may be one the reasons if she says no, why.

    I need to tell her as I'm driving myself mad thinking about it, I really don't know if she does. I've got nothing to lose by asking, but If she says no it may make things awkward but idk.

    Should I tell her how I feel? Or is it not worth the risk as we won't see each other after July anyway and it will undoubtedly make things awkward if she declines.
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    This is a question that you must ask yourself.Do you really think that if she likes you it will be for a month and then that is it?You think that long term relationships is not your thing as i understand from what you write (if not then please enlighten me).Right now you have two options:
    1)Don't tell her anything because it is not worth it and have unanswered questions in your mind,like what if she liked me?What if this could have worked?Why didn't i do it?

    2)Tell her and if she feels the same then i have good news and bad news.The good news is that hey you finally cleared the air and you couldn't be happier.The bad news is that there is a problem with your relationship due to the distance.It can be solved though and the how is up to you two to decide that is if you decide to be in a relationship together.

    Now the way i see things is a win-win situation so either way you clear the air and you feel like a huge burden off your shoulders (or is it weight?I am sorry but my English are a bit rusty.It has been a long time since i finished my English classes).Don't make things hard.Here we have a saying that translates with the idiom make a mountain out of a molehill so don't make a mountain out of a molehill.Take the only way that in this case will make things clear: Tell her and then most of your questions,problems and scenarios will be gone

    That is my personal opinion but in the end you have to choose a way that fits best for you.
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