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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Jack York, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Ok this is a long one. First I am 20, been single forever. But I’ve been on a few dates. All of which never ended well. Since I’ve been at uni. There’s never really been anyone that’s caught my fancy.

    But now. I have a conundrum. There’s a few ladies I’ve gotten to know/matched on dating apps. And I have absolutely no clue what to do next.

    Ok. So the first is someone I’ve met at one of my dance classes. She’s a first year, but she’s really smily and fun to be around. We’ve got a small group of friends, about 5 of us total. And we’ve said we’d enter a bootcamp together next year. If I ask her out and it backfires, it’ll make the class awkward. We have met outside dance one or two times in the group. We don’t have much in common. But we do enjoy each others company I think

    Another is another lady from a separate dance class. However. I’ve only met her a handful of times. She said in the first lesson she was there mainly to look for a boyfriend. One time we did go out after a class for food and we spent about 3 hours together. I still don’t know whether that was a date. It was really nice actually. We had a lot in common. A lot of similar knowledge. However she did strike me as a little mad. But arnt we all?

    The third is another girl from the same class, but is probably seen her less than 2. However she has a great laugh and is great to be around. So much energy. But I don’t know much about her. Just that I’m attracted to her.

    The fourth is a different one. She matched with me on a dating app. I have about 5 for as many months. And this is probably my 6 th match. When I read her profile she had a LOT of similarities to me. Enjoyed similar hobbies and seemed like a good match. However when I looked at her photo I wasn’t attracted to her at all.

    I know this post is a bit misogynistic. But this is my problem. Who do I ask out? Do I ask out during a reboot? What’s a good strategy?

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sup Jack,

    Your post isn't misogynistic at all don't worry dude. I'm going to answer the questions as if it were me going through this situation.

    Who do you ask?
    All of them. Why not? You are not committed to them yet, it seems like you enjoy all of these girls in one way or another. Seriously though you might as well try to go on a date with as many as you can and see which one you like best. Then once you figure out which one you click with the most make your decision to stick with one and grow a relationship with her.

    During a reboot?
    As far as I am concerned, the reason most people do NoFap is to stop porn addiction in order to reap the benefits of clearing your mind from it's addictive nature. Hanging out and hooking up with pretty girls that you like doesn't count as a relapse unless you are going hardcore monk mode.

    What is a good strategy?
    As a guy I feel you dude. I always overthought how I should say things a certain way or plan how I ask a girl out. Guess what? I never made a move when I did that growing up. So now I just ask the girl if she is free anytime soon and if she wants to get together. If she says yes, perfect! If it's a no, cool with me. Either way just make your move and if a girl likes you she will want to go on a date with you.

    Best of luck bro!
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    Thanks @TheBigBadWolf

    Yeah. I realise I do overthink things way too much. When I get back uni, I’ll ask :)

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