What Should We be doing?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Usersamedame, Aug 9, 2022.

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    jump into the gym? A hike or a dog walk? not all of us are extroverted or like spending every waking second outside right? We are all built differently of course. So how exactly dp those more inclined isolated introverted types deal with a world that demands you be out there 24/7 through phone, email text etc.

    or how about why friends are so hard to find because majority of people are absorbed into the cancers of social media, no wonder there's people like me too who believe they're better. I hate social media and everyone who uses it Imo is of lesser intellect and higher thought. I say as I use a social media platform to communicate this haha, hypocrite.

    it just seems that If you're not constantly outgoing and in a spotlight of sorts you'll simply be ignored, forgotten and laughed at by those who have a let's say "social status" with a bunch of equally delusional idiots.

    I suppose I'm asking, "how do us shy introverts traverse a world that has crack cocaine injected into daily life.
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    For me, nature/hiking and dog walks are the perfect solution. Being around an animal is calming and getting outdoors is a great distraction from all the BS on social media/the internet. Exercise is great for you anyway. As for indoor activities I really enjoy reading books, often nonfiction like history and science. Pick some random topic you want to learn about and just dive into it. Holding a physical book (not reading through a screen) feels good in some way, and makes me feel grounded. Plus I learn stuff in the process (and if getting triggered online is something you struggle with, there are rarely ever triggers since most books don't have images.)
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    all accurate, in all honesty the idea of a quieter life away from the bs of the world cuz it's ENDLESS.
    ain't no world news ever good ide have to say all the other stuff.

    connectin with nature sure sounds good.
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    I run instead of going to a gym. There’s trails around where I live, though I usually run in the neighborhood and that’s okay as well. There’s a lot of trees. It’s better than a gym because there’s no obnoxious music, no yoga pants, no waiting, no eyes on me.

    As for finding genuine friends in an age of superficiality, I think a good start is learning how to ask good questions. Then, of course, listening to the answers. Because that leads to more good questions.

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