What should you reboot with?

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    Reboot reboot everywhere, but noone tells what to reboot with?

    After day x or so, our brain starts rewiring itself. This is when you feel bored or hit the flatlines they say. This is where I am at the moment.

    Now to the point, what is rewiring ? -》Brain looks for other things than porn. Whatever it (subconscious brain) finds it tries to work into it, or lets call this, it wants to establish friendship with it. Here comes we, who need to choose wisely whatever we feed to our brain.

    To make it simple, let's consider an example :
    Tom is at flatline, he is bored. He can't look at porn. He is searching for something new to do. He doesn't have a plan. He sees Jerry and starts chasing him day in and out. His brain is now rewired to play with Jerry. That's how Tom & Jerry was born.

    Another example, you getting addicting to game or some other bad habit, which you did during nofap and now you unconsciously and unknowingly became an addict to that shit.

    So choose wisely, to which habits you want to attach to your rewiring mode. Workout, get fit, train your brain to solve complex stuff, have career goals.

    Do not include girls or whatever gender you are attracted to in this. For example: talking to your crush all day, finding people to talk to(like i was doing a minute before writing this and realising my mistake), stay away. You would not want to rewire your brain to always have someone to talk to. Nah, better become a beast who is focused on his vision. You might as well get those so called superpowers as well.

    I am not aware of those powers but lets see if it's true. Remember follow the right process and we will win together !

    Salude Soldiers ;)
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