What song is like restored your power?

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  1. me, Aron Wright-Build it Better
  2. Fenix Rising

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    Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes
  3. Sirens - DA & The Jones, from film documentary "Hot Girl Wanted", i like the film too.
  4. ItsInTheBag

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    I'm old school, gents:

    (And not that old, don't pick on me!! :D)

    Works every time.

    And I have many other fine (according to me) hand-picked ones in my journal - around one per day.

    Same guys, around 3 decades later:
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  5. Sade - By your side

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    The fact that he sampled Time from the inception sound track is a W.
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  8. Tubthumbing. I know it’s a football (soccer in the US) song but it helps me get my spirits back up. I play it often.
  9. ItsInTheBag

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    At the risk of reminding you of those generic Youtube comments: "I'm 14 and the only one listening to rock in my class. All others listen to mumble rap!" :D: a 22 year-old listening to Petty, high-five! Nice, man, nice; good taste :).

    Many other very nice entries in this thread.
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    Ha ha, yeah. Love Tom's music, he's one of those artists that you can listen to all day long and it never gets tiring.
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  12. Going to be honest, I prefer Conquistador to Crusader. Both great songs though.

    And as for me, personally:

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    "Get yourself a break from self rejection
    Try some introspection
    And you just might find
    It's not so bad and anyway
    At the end of the day
    All you have is yourself and your mind"

    "If you could see the you that I see
    When I see you
    You would see things differently
    I assure you"

    This song is like a good slap in the face lol
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  15. ItsInTheBag

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