What strategies work best?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Space Panda, May 3, 2021.

  1. Space Panda

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    I am in constant cycle of relapse and want to officially quit. What works best for those who are able to abstain from pmo?
  2. DeeJ4y

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    find habits you enjoy that can replace PMO - do not just "stop PMO:ing". Find positive and negative motives to quit - things that get better if you abstain and things that will be bad or go even worse if you keep on PMO:ing. Find your patterns that will make you go back to PMO - stress, anxiety, traumas, journaling helps in this one. If you find yourself in a situation that usually ends up in a relapse do everything in your power to not relapse - I was taught to do as many pushups as I can and then go to a cold shower if it is what is required to stay clean.

    Also mindset of "I am not going to relapse today no matter what" helps. It is just one day, anyone can do it. When you wake up next day all the urges are gone or if they are back focus on not relapsing that day, it will get easier to control urges. There will be discomfort, a lot, be prepared, this is the one of the worst addictions there is. God bless you!
  3. Hachiraya

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    Not a pro, so don't pick this up as a list of "must do" but to me they've helped a lot!
    • Workouts. They get you out of the comfort zone, make you feel actually better.
    • Cold showers. Crazy stuff. Absolutely nothing comfortable. Hit it for 2 or 5 minutes and you'll get what I'm talking about.
    • Sleep. Sleep well, rest. It helps a lot too.
    • Healthier diet. Try to count calories just for the sake of it, try to have something to be consistent with.
    • Reading, music, meditation, running - those are types of meditation if you ask me. They help your mind to be more focused too.
  4. pcmaster

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    Jesus Christ helps the best. You can read my success stories if want to know more.
    The battle is much more spiritual than in your body. It happens outside of your body in the spiritual realm.
    Meditation didn't help me and much more effective than it was cold showers and healthy food, being busy. Still, if I stick with Jesus then winning fights even when failing at cold showers, healthy food.
  5. Redemptionisrequired

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    Building habits to replace this is important along the journey, the most important thing in my opinion is mindset.

    How did you become a porn addict? Study and practice, years of it at that. How can you master and beat PMO addiction, study and practice. Read the long term reboot stories, read the stories of people who destroyed their lives because of this addiction. The anxiety, depression they’ve felt and had to face whilst going through withdrawal. The more you study it, the more you understand the harms. The more you understand the harms, the easier it is to quit PMO.

    Hope this helps.
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  6. BetterMeandI

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    Work out, work out, work out. It is one of the few things helping me afloat, you will require distractions to keep going. Out of experience, when the gyms were closed here, and did not feel like working out at home, the urges were crazy and couldn't get a streak passed 3 weeks to a month. It is still difficult, but more manageable when you are busy
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  7. skaterdrew

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    Restricting your self to the point you can't get it. This is hands down the most effective strategy that works for me.
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  8. eagle rising

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    • Go back to nature.
      • Take a long walk (more than 2 hours) every day. No music. No phone. None of that.
      • Sit outside for extended periods of time no matter what the weather is like (dress appropriately).
      • Exercise outside (calisthenics)
      • Reduce screen time to less than 2 hours
      • Learn a craft
    Action. Action. Action. Half-hearted attempts are only putting you in a false sense of recovery.
  9. AspiringUbermensch

    AspiringUbermensch Fapstronaut

    I find one good strategy is not trying Nofap all at once.

    First Step: Quit watching hardcore porn. Instead look at photos of women you find attractive and masturbate to them. It does not matter if they are naked, the goal is to remove video porn. After successfully doing this for one full week, move on to the next step.

    Second Step: Use your imagination. Get rid of the photos and masturbate only to your thoughts. After one full week, move to step three.

    You can orgasm on both the first and second steps. Edging comes later.

    Third Step: Edge. Masturbate to only your thoughts but this time, do NOT orgasm/ejaculate. I find the most comfortable place is in bed. Get comfortable and just be in your thoughts. If you think your gonna get carried away and go for too long, possibly leading to orgasm, set a timer.

    Fourth Step: NOFAP

    I know it will take time, it certainly did for me, but just be patient. it is better for you to take a month to quit than to try all at once and keep relapsing.

    Good Luck Brother
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  10. Shin Iu

    Shin Iu Fapstronaut

    Found something to face every day, like job, school, girlfriend. so that you find realistic goal instead imaginary pleasure. Be patient about urges and life challenges. Dont let emotion and lust drives your mind. Be a righteous person and make decisions with fairness and justice
  11. DeeJ4y

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    For me this trying to "only masturbate" has just eventually gone back to p*rn. Here's a book someone on this forum shared: I recommend reading it.

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  12. kropo82

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    I wrote a list of the things that worked for me here, and Igy has an awesome post detailing his technique here. But the important thing is experimentation. Some things that work for me will work for you too, some won't. Keep reading threads here, try stuff out, write about how it goes in your journal.
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  13. AspiringUbermensch

    AspiringUbermensch Fapstronaut

    It worked for me. I can understand though why you would have that concern. Every guy is different when it comes to porn addiction. I just find quitting all at once doesn't work.
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  14. becomingreat

    becomingreat Fapstronaut

    Others mentioned ways to improve your overall quality of life, things like workout and socializing. I'll try to improve this thread by giving tool to avoid relapses.
    Install blockers. The good ones are paid but worth it. Set a password you can't guess and in hard moments it will probably save you of relapsing.
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  15. Achievement

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    Always keep yourself busy.
    Whether it's engaging in sports, fishing, watching a movie / series on Netflix, playing computer games, learning something new, reading a book, starting your own Youtube channel and editing videos,
    calling a friend, going for a walk outside, cycling, going to work.
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  16. Change5454

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    Finding a long lost hobby. I got back into photography which derailed my chronic porn use, well at least for a couple weeks, but that was a huge success. Problem is, once I slide, I forget about my hobby and just start up with the porn again. Anyways, if you do have a hobby maybe throw your self at it. Even if you're not feeling inspired, just force yourself and at some point it will click and you'll hopefully find that spark that you once had.
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  18. Fishn1

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    Good strategy keep trying.
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  20. Fishn1

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    This makes no sense for people that really have a problem. If you can regulate and deaccelerate fine but this shit is not so rational.

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