What supplements do you take (if any)?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by JesusGreen, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. GSarosi

    GSarosi Guest

    I don't take any supplements but all I put in my oatmeal and homemade shakes are cinnamon, turmeric and psyllium husks.
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  2. JesusGreen

    JesusGreen Fapstronaut

    I'm curious. Has anyone here tried supplementing with DHEA? If so, what were the results like? I originally was looking at it to include in my stack alongside D-AA and Tribulus for potential testosterone-recovering effects, but reading more about it, I learned that it plays a role in stress/anxiety, and your cortisol : DHEA ratio is very important. So now I'm extremely interested in if DHEA would be good for anxiety relief in someone with high cortisol levels?

    I'm very tempted to get some - but would love to hear the opinion of someone who's tried it before, rather than blowing my money on it and crossing my fingers.
  3. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Fermented cod liver oil (not as bad as it sounds!)
    Holy Basil
    Olive leaf extract
  4. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Fapstronaut

    Wake up:




    Stopped taking Zinc at night. (Too groggy in mornings.)

    Tyrosine is amazing for concentration.

    Relora and 5-HTP have really helped anxiety.
  5. JesusGreen

    JesusGreen Fapstronaut

    I suggest trying it in the mornings instead. I've never taken it at night like some people recommend - because I personally find, if something helps me get to sleep, it usually has a negative effect on the overall quality of my sleep. When I take it in the mornings it seems to improve my energy levels rather than make me tired/relaxed. Worth a shot ^^
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  6. SolidSoldier

    SolidSoldier Guest

    Man, supplement lists from masturbating to porn? You are thinking about this way too much. Don't pmo and live a normal life.
  7. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Fapstronaut

    Lighten up, Francis.
  8. oooo

    oooo Fapstronaut

    I am actually very interested in this as well.
    I bought DHEA but didn't use it since i did read some things about some weird side effects.
  9. JesusGreen

    JesusGreen Fapstronaut

    Side-effects are due to the fact that DHEA will increase levels of both testosterone and estrogen - meaning in women it can cause problems with testosterone being too high, and in men problems with estrogen being high. The effect of DHEA on hormones depends on age - if you're older and have naturally low levels of DHEA in your body, then the hormone boosting effects will be stronger and you may also get accompanying side-effects. If on the other hand you already have high DHEA levels, you won't see much of an increase in either testosterone or estrogen.

    Personally I take Butein (white button mushroom extract) as an aromatase inhibitor with my D-AA and Tribulus already. So I'm not too worried about estrogen side effects since aromatase inhibitors block conversion into estrogen in the first place. So you could look at getting some white button mushroom extract to go with it if you want to be sure. ^^
  10. Ahddub

    Ahddub Guest

    I had bad experiences with supplements so now if I do take it I am very careful and go slow. Or I just get tested first.

    I do have natural calm coming in the mail soon I heard its good for sleep and calming effects. I will go slow and see what happens

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