What the point of cold showers?!

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Teddy6677, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Teddy6677

    Teddy6677 Fapstronaut

    Seeing a lot of people suggesting cold showers on here, can anyone tell me there benefits please and why I should give it a go??

    Cause I thought cold showers increased sperm count so how can that be beneficial to someone who wants to give up PMO?!
    Thanks for reading
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  2. when you are about to have a cold shower every part of your body says no, and voice of your inner mind tries to find a reason and try to escape the situation, and if you can ignore it and tell your mind that you want to live a better life.

    basically for inner peace
  3. The_Monk

    The_Monk Guest

    Cold shower is similar to NoFap. Its against your body's will and comfort making your mind more strong. I usually have a cold shower after my workout. It freshens me from head to toe. Just try it.
  4. immortal5

    immortal5 Guest

    It gives you energy, wakes you up. love doing them in the morning before I go out
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  5. OneWithTheUnderdogs

    OneWithTheUnderdogs Fapstronaut

    Cold showers make me hornier so I tend to avoid them...

    I assume it's to do with your testicles producing more testo because they're cold.

    I totally get the benefits though.

    Forcing yourself to do something that doesn't feel good is the basis of the NoFap, and it fucking works.
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  6. Teddy6677

    Teddy6677 Fapstronaut

    Ok great, thanks for all your replies!! I'll give cold showers a go!!
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  7. FriendlyGuitarist

    FriendlyGuitarist Fapstronaut

    When your taking a cold shower, you can think of it's just like jumping into a cold lake/ocean when your at the beach. Same kind of feeling.
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  8. I Free I

    I Free I Guest

    A Cold Shower Restores Willpower
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  9. I found cold showers in the Wim Hof Method first. If you are interested in making your mind more focused and you want to give your will power a boost i suggest you to look it up :- )
  10. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    I don't do the whole cold shower thing personally.

    I prefer to just battle it without any external aid from things like cold showers.
    Cold showers are the easy way out of urges, the easy way doesn't develop true will power or strength.

    But by all means use cold showers, I just prefer doing things truly the hard way just using my mind and thought.
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  11. recoome

    recoome Fapstronaut

    Cold showers motivate me. Also often i just sit on floor crosslegged and think i am meditating under waterfall.
  12. Johnny Bozo

    Johnny Bozo Fapstronaut

    Ok sold taking an ice cold one now I could use all the anabolism here I can get, BABY
  13. Johnny Bozo

    Johnny Bozo Fapstronaut

    Everybody leaves this place?!
  14. ahighertruth

    ahighertruth Fapstronaut

    Stimulates you but doesn’t really clean oil good enough

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