What thing do you guys do every day for self improvement?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by oooo, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. oooo

    oooo Fapstronaut

    Hi all,

    I was wondering what kind of thing you all do to improve yourself.

    I am doing so far every day:

    • NoFap
    • Meditation 3o minutes.
    • 4 days going to the gym.
    • reading books about self improvement.
    • Learning a new language.
    • Cold showers at least 5 minutes
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  2. jazzphanatic

    jazzphanatic Fapstronaut

    Hey oooo,

    What I do to improve myself is each year, usually in December, I write down a list of goals to achieve the following year and a detailed explanation of how I'll achieve each one. Throughout the following year, I spend time working on each one. My current goals for the year includes: Committing to living a healthy love life, getting a promotion at work, master the basic fundamentals of money management, maintain an average weight of 160 lbs, begin Bachelor's degree, and learn to play keyboard. Focusing on my 'blueprint' helps to keep me on track from abstaining from PMO.
  3. Jake Wards

    Jake Wards Fapstronaut

    -Play bass
    -Replaced TV with Ted talks and self-help videos
    -Go gym 6 days a week
    -Eating better
    -Today I will start my journal
    -Tomorrow I will be trying cold showers
  4. You have a pretty good list. I am currently doing everything on your list except learning a new language even tough I am planning to learn spanish sometime soon. I am reading at least 10 pages a day in a self improvement book a day. I would recommend " The power of now" by Echart Tolle. Its an easy to read book. The title says it all. Then I would recommend the compound effect. Its one of the most eye opening books I have been reading this far. It tells us in detail how small daily decisions will accumulate to great results over time. Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill is a masterwork. I am almost done reading it. "The Prophet" is a book full of ancient wisdom. Probably the best of its kind. I can guarantee that you will be a little wiser after reading it. "As it is" By Tulku Urguyen if you happen to read "The Power of now" several times and need some deeper insight into the mystery of life. I am also going to read "The 7 habits of highly effective people" and " How to win friends and influence people".
  5. LolaRoge

    LolaRoge New Fapstronaut

    For my self improvement I read books and watch interesting films
    But the last time I have some problems with professional skills
    Turns out that fast typing skills are necessary not only for communication in social networks, recently took a job at a publishing office, boss is extremely demanding, do not have any time. The Internet helps me. I began to read interesting articles
    “how to improve the typing speed”, here are some of them
    Now working on it, noticeable a little progress ^^))
    check my results here http://www.ratatype.com/typing-test/
  6. Kiddy

    Kiddy Fapstronaut

    My life is so intense. Between my work and family, I don't have much time for self-improvement. But my job has been getting super stressful. So I decided that I need to invest more proactively to improve my emotional health. I just got the book He-Motions, and I am working on my emotional life. When I am not stressed out about work, I diet to lose weight.

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