What to do about the world going to hell?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by dolphingambler, Jun 17, 2020.

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    Something I've been thinking a lot about during this quarantine time is what responsibility I have to the world. There are a lot of problems going on, coronavirus, global warming, the rise of Orwellian surveillance states (particularly in China) to name a few. What responsibility do I have towards fixing these problems?

    My personal actions (such as choosing not to eat meat to reduce global warming), aren't really important when it comes to making meaningful change. The paradox is that collectively we'll need to believe that our personal actions do matter, for them to actually matter.

    I'm a young male in my early twenties who likes to play and listen to jazz music and read books. I think I would live an apolitical life if I the world weren't in such a chaotic state, but that is evidently not the case today (but maybe people have always felt this way about the world?). Even if I decide to go the route of engaging in politics, I'm not sure if I can ever get past the state of just reading newspapers and lamenting about the world. Does anyone have any thoughts on this dilemma?
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    I think the thought is similar to rebooting in that there are no quick and easy answers, though what we do does make a difference even if it is small. And by working on ourselves we would be in a better position to recognize each other. Small things on a local level may feel like it's boring and insignificant but not to those people if you make a difference for them.

    Suppose you can help anyone reboot with PMO addiction but can not impact politics at all, that's actually quite significant. Of course people would actually need to listen to you and give it a shot. What I'm afraid of is the solutions are available, but you end up with most people never paying attention to notice.
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    every year they say the end is near, the UN said certain countries would be under water by 2000 from global warming as prediction in 1989, scientists are not gods, just enjoy your life and dont stress too much about it
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  4. I too feel an obligation to do something good. Maybe not the desire to do it, because I don't believe that I'm a good person, but certainly I feel like I have a duty to do something. I am staunchly apolitical but I do have my friends that engage in those spheres and one seems to lean towards engaging in local politics is the answer and the other leans towards, and in fact, has fucked off to the boonies haha. Maybe you should really consider what you want your work to be. Given that most of us will have to work 8 hours a day for 60 some odd years we should try to find some work that will do some good. I take some satisfaction in being a caregiver. It doesn't make me a good man, but it makes me work at being a good man. That's kind of the route I've gone in answer to your dilemma. The world is messed up and so am I, so I should start sorting myself out. And if I, through Christ's help, can become a better man, then maybe I can make my corner of our world a little bit better. And maybe you can make your corner a little bit better. And then maybe all the corners will get together haha.
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  5. Disease, climate change, and tyrannical governments have been a part of human history forever. No one is in charge. The world arises out of our individual adaptations to our changing circumstances. Grow your talent stack and associate with trust worthy people. Make yourself into a contributor and a creator. And as was stated above, try not to worry about where history is going and just enjoy your life.
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    ok first and foremost, wake up! newspapers are manipulators. global warming is a hoax. you have been indoctrinated by your educational system and by media to believe in it, but i'm telling you, it is a made up lie, propaganda, pushed forward by the globalists who want a global government and new world order. fridays for futures, black lives matters, corona, it all aligns perfectly in their plan.
    i dont want you to take my word for it: just educate yourself, study, dont take what you read for the absolute truth, and you will get there and realize that youve lived in a bubble. me being a geoscientist has no effect on my opinion, as there are geoscientists who claim the contrary. but you will see what i am talking about if you take and swallow the red pill
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  7. Sometimes change can come only after the thing it is replacing is beyond repair. See the world's current struggles as opportunities rather than obstacles. Yeah things are pretty bad now, but we could build something beautiful out of that badness. Remember it's rot, decay and death that always provides the raw materials for new life.
  8. Not true.
    Not true.
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    If you're not strong enough, you can't do much, focus on yourself, then expand any good you do to those around you. Try to live a full happy life, the world will always be in bad shape, the world struggles, same as us, but if you change, and then a friend change and then a friend of a friend, those are the small droplets of hope the World needs.
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  10. matt2k12

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    well it is true, or the diploma i have is fake and the 8 years at university didnt happen
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  11. Okay. What was your dissertation about?
  12. matt2k12

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    component specific isotope analysis of n alkanes from the paratethyan realm. it was a master thesis, i have a msc not a phd. u can look it up on the internet, its public.
    why am i prooving something to a stranger on the internet?
    because i care about the initial message i put out about global warming.
    petroleum geologists deal a lot with geochemistry, and as such are experts on climate and paleoclimate (climate during older ages). im not saying that this is the basis of my opinion on climate change. but it was in my work in that science that i first hand came to experience how utterly rubbish the publications and science behind the so called 'climate change' is. anyone can do a logically conclusive study to tell that the world is getting warmer, if he only uses data that brings him to that conclusion, and if he fails to understand and explain the mechanisms in place. no one really untangled the complexity behind the factors contributing to climate, yet, and if you ask me, no one ever will. no one knows to which degree what really has an effect, regardless of how big the computer running the simulation is. just look at the amount of SO2 or CO2 emmited from one volcanic eruption from a volcano of the pacific ring of fire. there are literally thousands of eruptions every year. sometimes more, sometimes stronger ones. for example, there were eruptions that caused a two year long winter (russian famine 1600). topography of continents / relief of orogens play a huge role on climate, as they affect ocean streams and air circulations. billions and billions of cubic tons of CO2 each year are being removed from the air by weathering of feldspars. It is a geological - mathematical fact, that by time X there will be no CO2 in the atmosphere left. no co2, no life. if you ask me - those two are the biggest influences on climate; volcanoes and topography of continents. we humans should just accept the fact that climate has always been changing, and it is better that it gets warmer, than colder. no one would like an ice age, although by definition we still live in one.
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  13. dolphingambler

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    Thanks for this response! I like how you suggested that we shouldn't think too macroscopically when it comes to thinking about how to make the world better. We should just find work that makes ourselves better people, and hopefully, make our little corner of the world a little bit better too. I'm not going to wrap my head around too much about fixing the entire world. I'll start small.
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  15. World is better than it ever was, but media likes to make it worse than it is today, even tho we are lucky to life in such peaceful world.
  16. @matt2k12 you might have just pulled a random thesis from the web but whatever, I believe you are who you say you are. Nevertheless I cannot take your position; this is a physical science, not some abstract social surveys or whatever. One option is the thousands of people across various disciplines working on this are dumbasses who can't even read the thermometer or liars coordinating in a conspiracy and no sophisticated criticism is available because any would-be critic gets eliminated by secret agents of the Illuminati. The other option is that you made a mistake in your reasoning. Which one is more likely, hm?
  17. Looks like someone has been binge watching Fox News...
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  18. matt2k12

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    u can google the thesis, its public, google search result 1, theres the pdf, there is my name, from there u can google my linkedin. dont presuppose i lie.

    the time where scientists studied nature in order to uncover the mechanisms of physical reality, in a certain sense to find the truth, is over. scientists today are tools of public interest and grants. whatever grant has the most money will yield the most publications. no one today pays to proove climate change is a hoax, because that would make him a heck unpopular.
    a scientist used to be someone who searches for truth: today, a scientist is a carreerist, he wants to have a lot of publications, and look good. u decide for yourself, which approach to science would yield a better result. a scientist who is a carreerist doesnt care for truth: he does care to look good, and thus, even though he might not believe in climate change, he will provide a conclusive article, if it will make him look good.
    this is the brutal truth about science. there are honest people in science out there, but they are rare, and especially in a field like climate, which is driven so much by prejudice and emotions, it is hard to find someone.
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    The world wasn't made worse (primarily) by singleton super villains working alone, but by a system that encouraged individuals to individually and consistently make small decisions that contributed to the world moving in that direction over a number of years. The solution must be along similar lines, we do not need a superhero to change the world but a cultural shift towards individual decisions that make the world incrementally better, especially in the ways that add up to global change.

    Coronavirus? Sit this one out, obvious thing is to protect the elderly and help out where you can in a safe way. I'm pretty confident that most major governments will be investing MASSIVELY in future pandemic prevention and preparation, with whatever money their various countries have left after this. There's no way that the next major disease outbreak will take us by surprise again.

    Global Warming, Orwellian surveillance states - air is a lot clearer since 'lockdown', but the tiny difference it has made to global emissions suggests, as we suspected, that individual actions don't contribute that much to climate change. What's the point in eg buying a bike that is flown halfway across the world for you to buy to avoid driving? etc. Well boycotts are VERY effective, and it only takes a fraction of a percent of company's profit margins to be affected before they are willing to start looking at major changes. So look into the companies that do not support your values and work with unethical governments etc. and campaign and boycott, spread the word, etc until something is done about it.

    There is nothing wrong with avoiding the news for a while - in fact, it's extremely healthy. Sometimes it is best to focus on smaller issues, your friends and family, especially during a pandemic. Sometimes you may want to focus on the larger picture and your place within that. But don't let it overwhelm you!
  20. I already said I believe you. But I can't see your point in this quote - this is the Internet, anybody can claim any identity. For instance, I am Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    That is simply a ridiculous falsehood. The oil and coal lobby have a huge interest to disprove cc and they have resources like no other enterprise on Earth and aren't afraid to use them. They financed a bunch of research to help push their side but it failed. Turns out you CAN'T buy (most) scientists after all. The oil/coal barons donate massive amounts of money to corrupt politicians - that has been working well, for now.

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