What to do about the world going to hell?

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    well your not arnold schwarzenegger. sure anybody can claim any identity, but the reason you believe i would do that on this thread, is because you dont believe that people search for truth in debates, but want to be right, as you sadly seem to do. let me tell you that i dont want to be right, i want the truth, and if the truth would go against my world view, i would have the humility to accept that and align my world view to the truth.

    ok lets just end it here, because this is just not true. oil industry has only one interest and that is profit. right now that is best achieved by playing along with the hysteria and politics, by presenting their companies in the greenest light possible, by building hqe environmental standards, and by being silent. silence is key here. just take my word for it, as someone who has been member of aapg (american association of petroleum geologists) and knows the industry from their perspective, rather than some hippie from the other, rainbow colored side of the spectrum ;)
    btw cc cant be disproven, because cc is real, but not the way it is being told by the media. climate always changes, that is a fact that has been known for more than a hundred years when they found certain tropical plants in sediments from higher latitudes.
  2. Prove it :p

    What? You call this a "debate"? You're right that I don't "search for truth" regarding complex topics of global significance on a forum dedicated to not jerking off. I would have to be crazy to do that.

    Do you honestly think you convince anyone by typing out crap like this??
    So what are you waiting for? If you have it all figured out, it would be a damned shame to deprive the world of the truth you have discovered with your huge brain. Publish something more than a forum post and perhaps someone will take you seriously. Or at least quote some serious sources. List books that people can read. You're supposedly a scientist but can't point to a single work to defend your claims?
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    it is true
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    I’m glad someone is aware of this. I will add that its not always an egotistical pursuit of individual scientists, more so that they will simply lose their job if they don’t produce the results their employer is hoping for. “Science” is all about funding.. and we all know who has the most money to fund corrupt studies. It’s about time people wake up to reality. Science is not God.. and as you said it has strayed far away from the pursuit of truth.
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    Well, I'm not going to be bothered by this thread, despite my self training to become a better person, I do like a dumpster fire as any other human being... so do carry on.:emoji_popcorn:
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    share the gospel, the good news: God Himself, Jesus Christ died and shed His blood at the cross on your behalf to justify you eternally on your way to Heaven (if you ONLY trust in it, once and for all), was burried and then resurrected on the third day according to the scriptures.
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    I feel and understand your pain dude; there's been alot of deceit and lies happing in the world which are not being made public.
    The reality of the situation is one individual cannot make the change alone; but the more people that "wake up to the truth" a shift in consciousness will follow.

    All I can say is keep pushing in what you believe; and try to visualize what that is / be surrounded by your answer (focus on the sensation of what it feels like).
    Maybe try some deep breathing exercises daily (lookup Wim Hof guided breathing methods) personally I've found these exercises to be very beneficial.

    And remember to reach out / call or meet people you care about whenever possible; we're human beings and being locked up takes its toll on us mentally.
    Stay strong!
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    I like your approach! I think this can be the beginning of a truely devoted/determined human being who lives a meaningful life because he has chosen to.

    Today I thought about responsibilty, duty and contribution to society (or a smaller part of it, like your family for example).

    You can frame it as helping mankind, doing something that matters, involve into politics, be socially active ... whatever. The main thing here is that we exchange our self-centered and our harmful behavior with meaningful activities, that contribute in some way or another to "the greater good". It doesn't have to be super big and it's not about doing everything right. What matters is that we don't make things worse and that we don't just passively consume and take what's already there.
    What we have to understand first, is that society doesn't work on its own. Even a malfunctioning society needs people that participate and do their part or anything will just go to hell.

    It's true what OP says: in the big systems we play but a small role, but for our family for example we are quite important. Anyway, it's important what we do and we shouldn't underestimate the impact of our actions.

    The question that I put to myself today was: do I really believe what I preach? Or do I just got used to talk a lot about morality, contribution and duty when I'm writing certain posts. Am I myself there, or am I pretending to be someone I am not.
    I found out that I might play-act a little. But mostly I'm talking about what is really important to me. And I also found out that it's not always about me and society or my social circle - what I contribute. Most certainly it's not about some abstract duty, even if paying back and doing some work for others IS important. But I can do something for myself, put something into order make something more beautiful, put creativity to use ... all of that is in fact meaningful has repercussions.

    If we make ourselves better human beings that will be good for the world.

    And by the way, if things don't work out, if we fail despite our best efforts or if good deeds will lead to a bad outcome - that's also part of human existence. We can't be too afraid of that. In the end we need to get our act together and just act. It's all a big play, one giant theatre, isn't it?
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    And as for "the world going to hell": think deeply about this and look what at different places happens at different times. Is it really the case? Look at it with some scepticism and some optimism, then you'll be rewarded ...
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    o_O I really didn't expect for their propaganda to be working so much and so effectively. But I suppose we all go through phases.

    Just to keep things in perspective, those who convinced you not to eat meat to "save the planet" went to Sharm Al Sheikh in Egypt by the thousands just recently (COP27), each one of them had the most expensive foods while staying at 5 stars hotels and arrived on private jets or first class flights, during their meetings they discussed how they will force everyone else to consume less to "save the planet"! While being hosted by one of the world's most tyrannical and (low IQ) dictators Al-Sisi who is building a dystopian district to isolate himself from the people (new administrative capital)
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    Watch some Aaron Clarey and enjoy the decline.
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    I am going to ignore a lot of the bad advice I am seeing here and talk to OP. I am at a different stage of my life then you, but I have been reflecting on my life and the world as it is. We need to increase our personal power and create lives worth living. Our enemies are too numerous to name. They are both internal and external. Nofap is a good idea, but it is only one tool in the defense of our souls and our ecosystems. One drawback to the culture around Nofap is that we get so pulled into all the skills we learning without much consideration of what it will mean to create times worth living in. This I-pain that you are feeling is also a WE-pain, a pain that the whole world experiences. I know that you do not want things to be this way, but there is no good in pretending that the problems will meet with a clear resolution. That is a negation of the world. I struggle to build community, but it what we need. We also need to think deep and slow. Governments and ecological destruction did not come into being all at once and overcoming them will not be a clean process. The first thing you can do is avoid the kind of in the moment thinking that politics can encourage. If you want to talk about this more than let me know.
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    Focus on yourself and what you can change. Make a difference in your local community or friend group.

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