What to do to stop feeling lonely in the quarantine ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Especially if this feeling of loneliness is caused by lack of friends, yet with the quarantine it feels tougher. And thinking of other activities like watching or play something is boring with such feeling..
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    It's REALLY tough right now, especially if you have a very small social circle (like me). However, I've kinda looked at this quarantine time as a "blessing". It's given me the time to research and understand my addiction. It's given me the ability to really get into meditation techniques and check out other peoples' strategies and coping mechanisms. The amount of information I've absorbed this week is staggering. I wouldn't have had the time if I were working. I'm trying hard to take the positives out of this lock down and NOT dwell on the bad part.

    I've watched a lot of movies I wanted to watch. I've spent a TON of time on the computer, but at least it hasn't been for watching porn. If anything...I'll become a research addict. That ain't a great thing either, but it's far betting than using the PC for porn.
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    Yeah, I read Non-Fiction books ◉‿◉
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  5. Thank you guys! I have considered these points. And it is right, this helped me too to figure out ways to improve myself, bitter moments make us better :)
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  6. Oh man, I'm in a boat that's similar to yours Master Chips. I barely have any friends right now and chilling out in my room every day can suck at times. But what I've been doing to feel nice and sweet and sexy is to use this time to interact with people on the internet more.

    That's the great thing about the internet that a lot of us tend to underestimate. There's plenty of people out there ready to just talk to anyone.

    It's been a while since I went on Omegle but recently, I've started getting back into it (I personally chat via text rather than video). And yes, tons of people skip me faster than the speed of light. I don't even know how they do it, do they just place their fingers directly above the skip button and press it as soon as they connect? :emoji_joy: But anyway, Omegle is full of skippers but with time, you'll manage to find someone on there who actually wants to talk.

    Just a tip that I use when I get those lonely feelings sometimes. Of course, I use other sites to talk to people, including the NoFap forum! I know Omegle has a weird reputation that can repel some people. But yea, there's plenty of alternatives. :emoji_smile:
  7. I've been hanging out on omegle during the quarantine. Idk if would recommend it, there's some cyber bullies on there, potential paedophiles, triggers (flirty/naked women and pornographic ads) and flashers. I just sit back and observe these weirdos. Every now and then I come across descent people (mainly women, guys usually just skip other guys) and have a good conversation. Other than omegle, I've just been playing video games, exercising and watching movies.
  8. I think Omegele is not a solution, it is not healthy in my opinion. Thank you for the suggestions!
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    Hey bro i think you can try out meditation. I will leave a meditation here which I do regularly. I think the meditations help me to be with myself and not feel lonely and now I realise what it has done for me. Give it a shot. Its guided and just takes 12 minutes.

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  10. Seems interesting! I do meditation, I will check this method out. Thank you!
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    For me I suggest if you can like go to the part of your house where there’s a people there like your family if you’re not living alone . And if it happens to live alone, just get your phone and tri to call an old friend . I hope it helps ...
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  12. Soon I will be with my family! Thank you for suggesting :)
  13. Sorry I didn't notice your comment! Thanks for the tips man! you are right the cyber world is full of opportunities and I am taking a further step to gain a benefit from it.
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    how to find nice people on omegle and not horny men?
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    all these tips to read a book, do meditation, hobby, exercise etc. are actually things to do. but sometimes we dont feel the motivation, specially during reboot. nothing interests us. we end up feeling lonely and pathetic. we have so many pending tasks. but we still sit there. scrolling nofap site. and doing nothing. how to get out of this state. i know, it only takes the motivation to start. once you start a thing, you tend to complete it or atleast spend a little time in it. how to get that motivation to start. when it feels like doing nothing and also at the same time getting bored.
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  16. You are right, but we should find a solution! we need to make some step to face this challenge and pass it!
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  17. Do home workouts, search Athlean-x on YouTube, he gives cool workouts and adjusts them to your level.
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    Learn a foreign language. Since learning Spanish it has changed my life. Learning languages is a powerful way to connect with others in this world. Not to mention it will make you a more interesting and well-rounded person (and more attractive to women). So quit P+M and transmute your sexual energy into developing yourself and life skills..
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    Use this time to self reflect.Its like a pause button. Gather skills and develop habits to re build yourself. So that once this is over you are strong enough to recreate your social circle with valuable people.
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