What to do when a girl rejects you

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    Would definetly use some of this tips. In alot of situations I think about my ego but I always thought about what I would do in other people's situation. This tip is not only about girls, "it's called distinguishing different perspectives"
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    Really though its about being real being turned down SUCKS you just have to be real with yourself about it and move to the next one h
  3. Anyone ever considered this?

    Do nothing because nothing needs to be done?

    Like what is there to do? Non-action can be alot better than action.
  4. What do you mean by doing nothing ?
  5. Just that. Why does a girl rejecting you make you feel like you need to do something?
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    You're a man. Your worth isn't defined by a female so you need to think about this question more. As a man you need to have an abundance mindset. There are many many many woman in this world and they should be working for you. If you were rejected thank god because she is not willing to bow and submit to you as a man so she would not work. Take back your masculinity my guy
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  7. Well technically speaking, you have to do *something*. Even just walking away in silence is doing something. So... I think your point is a little confusing.
  8. Yikes.
  9. Bruh, if a girl rejects you, you smile in a 'aight, you the one losing here' way, leave the place and find another girl.
    End of story.
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    What I'm saying is that is how relationships are supposed to be. The man leads, the man is the provider, the analytical thinker, they are the dominant force. The woman is the more submissive person in the relationship and if a woman isn't going to adhere to the rules I set for a relationship, or what I want in my s/o then we are not meant to be together and I have to be ready to be on to the next one. Men shouldn't settle in life.
  11. It's still confusing. You mean saying nothing and ignoring the girl? The whole point is not getting the girl back. It's about staying true to your values, to your feelings and emotion and putting your ego aside.

    If "doing nothing" doesn't come from a place of self-hate,frustration,anger,lie but from a place of love for yourself, then I agree.

    What I mean is that it's not about what you do. It's about why you do it. Which emotions are associated behind it. Do you ignore the girl because you love yourself, you forgive her and understand her. Or do you ignore the girl because deep down inside you're frustrated, you have a negative vision of girls in general, you're sad and lonely, your actions are fueled by your ego etc.

    Sometimes it's hard to even know that yourself because you're not aware of these negative emotions. Because sometimes, these emotions and what we deeply think about ourselves are in our subconscious mind.

    That makes a huge difference. What you do is superficial. If you read my original post you will understand that the mindset and the emotions associated with it are much more important than the action itself.

    1 year ago I ignored a girl because i was like "yeah i love myself there are so many girls out there waiting for me. I just don't care". But i realized that i was lying to myself. I actually cared. What I did didn't come from a place of love but from a place of anger, pride and superiority. Doing nothing is still doing something. Not externally but in your mind. if it comes from a place of self-hate, it's bad

    You can ask yourself this question not only concerning girls. But in your relationships with others in general.

    Hope you understand my point of view :)
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  12. Yeah, I got what you were trying to say. That's why I said yikes. lol
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  13. Edited my original post. Thanks @WayIare :)
  14. I like that "If doing nothing doesnt come from a place of self hate etc."

    Long story short. I was at a bar once and looking to hook up. A girl started chatting with me. I asked her to leave with me. She appeared to give it some thought. Then smiled, shook, her head and said no.

    It didnt make me mad that she said no... it was all so... innocent? It was as if I offered her a stick of gum or asked her if she liked whiskey you know? There were no hard feelings. And when I say no hard feelings not the type where there clearly were hard feelings but you told yourself there weren't.

    Unfortunately when I try to explain myself I find it difficult to get it entirely out in a suitable way.

    I can summarize it best as this.

    When a girl rejects you, there's nothing that needs to be done because there's nothing that can be done because nothing should be done.
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    I get what you’re saying. Idk why everyone here is acting like it’s the end of the world or they have to analyze it. Just move on. Plenty of fish in the sea
  16. Exactly. It's like people who get upset when it rains. WHO CARES. It doesn't matter. Attraction is there or it isn't and if it isn't thats ok because who really is attractive to everyone?
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    Why do you need a girl? To 'be happy'? That is a lie, women can't make you happy. Happiness does not equal pleasure. If you can answer 'I don't need a girl to be happy', then you will never be rejected because you never truly cared in the first place. Will you feel anything if you someone says to you that you won't be able to become a president of Zimbabwe? No, because you don't care about being that. Feeling of rejection arises when you don't get what you think would make you happy.
  18. I think Waylare's response was a good one.

    Because every time you get rejected, you are closer to success.

    That's the way I've always seen it, that every guy is trying to unlock a combination.

    Every guy has only one number he can use, like 4833.

    So he goes around to lock after lock, until one opens at that number.

    Sometimes a guy is 1834, tries it on the first lock, and open sesamie.

    Some guys work 9922 on 100,000 locks a day and none will open.

    But a dude can't try a different number, he HAS to be himself.

    A guy should never learn a player method, or "act".

    He goes to a lock, and tries 4833.

    Usually it won't work, but what kind of expectation should a guy have?

    If I went up on the street to a random bike with a combo lock, and put in 4833,

    what are the odds?

    But also, notice that if I tried my combo on a lock, I wouldn't walk away all

    upset over it. I tried it, it didn't work. It will never work. So I move on.

    Women are like that the same way. If a girl puts me in the friend zone, or

    rejects me, then I just move on. I used to take this personally in the past,

    but it's not a reflection of the guy. The guy deserves to be himself, and he

    has no other choice. This is not a problem for the right lock.

    That's the way it works for guys who want to have something meaningful.

    If I pry open the lock or do something other than use that number,

    it breaks, then it's no good.

    Likewise, if I go out into the world trying to "BE" somebody or "SAY" the right thing,

    then I've forced the lock open, and maybe I get to have it,

    but the lock really doesn't work after that.

    I just wanted to chime in on this because I thought of that metaphor,

    which I really believe has been true all of my life.
  19. Do you believe in MGTOW?
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    Well written man! Some of the ideas are extracted of the book Models by Mark Manson in my opinion. It´s good to stay true to yourself, values and ideals. To be rejected and go in a relaxed manner about it by being considerate and mature makes sense to me. People who crave the other person at any cost, lose their gravity and fall into the trap of dependency, while abundance is all around us. Strong boundaries and high self-esteem are favourable traits for anybody.


    The power of considering another truth can be shocking as well as challenging for oneself, especially if you are the person feeling treated injusticely. Our brain is wired to look for proof of our belief´s system and might even identify other standpoints as threats towards our own perception. Often enough we feel entitled rather than self-sufficent towards a person, object, position in a career or achievement and if though pride can be helpful sometimes, it´s often growing on the same branch as stupidity. In the respective situation we conclude likely fast and selfish, while we dismiss to take other truths into consideration. But that´s excatly what we need to do, allthough it requires effort and maturity. A negative experience can still hold a valueable lesson, if not open up a hidden chance for us to learn and even create new sucess. The secret is to be able to reevaluate situations as a new, openminded and considerate person, whenever we face problems, who are messing with our primal thoughts. This is an effective excercise to become less upset and more solution goal orientated in difficult situations.
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