What to do with music clips?

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  1. I actually blocked the most of resources that can make me harder to go from my addiction. But the most distracting thing now it is music clips. There are often a lot of womans and there are often about love, sex and etc. It makes resuming very hard, you know.
    And problem is - I can't just block all the resources where clip uploaded. Okay maybe possible solution - to block google for some time. Anyway, the sites that I need already in my searching history.
    About good news, it is 11th day of resuming and yesterday I haven't any thoughts about porn. It is a great news.
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    Where are the music clips? Just don't enter the environment they're in e.g. don't go on YouTube. If you really need to find something to watch on there, you can always search it on Google under Videos.

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