What to do with my life?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Troels. L, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Troels. L

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    Is this a common symptom of abstaining from porn? I don't feel depressed, just not sure where I want my life steered towards. I'm 21, so i'm young. I've been abstaining for a long time 73 days which is a personal milestone. Hope you can relate, in case you also felt a sense of lonliness.
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    Usually it’s a symptom of being a 21-year-old
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    when I read the subject I thought your text might be heavy and worrisome, but it's actually not too much, right?

    as said, not knowing where to go at age 21 is part of being 21. if you will have figured that out when 35 - congrats! - because that is still young to find your true purpose in life.

    but whilst searching for your inner purpose, why not be a "be a present". and while being a present (to others, to your peers, your community, your company, people in need, etc., to nature), you might find out that that is actually everyone's life purpose: be a present.
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    Try as many things as you possibly can and also dive deep into their core to found out if you wanna keep doing that particular thing.
    My advice would be to find things you actually love to do, not things that are profitable to do. You may have seen this advice over and over again but until you wouldn't realize it yourself you probably won't grasp the meaning of these words.
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    when i was 21 i was freaked out and didnt know what to do about my career. i'm 28 and still dont know anything.
    i'd suggest to play safe though and not make the mistakes that i did like:
    leave job
    leave studies

    if you have a good degree or good job, then it sort of allows you to earn the physical comforts of life. then worrying becomes less difficult.
  6. I think many of us are trying to figure that one out man

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