What to think about Lucid Dreams ?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Michaldev, Sep 29, 2020.

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    Hallo! I'm new here. I have started NoFap and now I have lucid dreams, very realistic and erotic just before i wake up.
  2. In my opinion, it is best to attach no emotion to dreams (including wet dreams) whatsoever, as dreams by their nature are inherently nonsense. I understand why this would bother you, but these dreams are just the mind sorting through mental junk, if that makes sense.

    If you wake up after an intense erotic dream, that's a-ok, we all get them from time to time, just get up and go on about your day. Don't worry about them, but don't try to go out of your way to ignore them either; if they come, they come. Just remind yourself that you are now free from the clutches of porn, and these thoughts can't do anything to you anymore.

    Mindfulness mediation can be an excellent way to depersonalize your thoughts
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    yes it helps to keep yourself occupied. not staying in the bed too long and getting out of bed as soon as awake and going to bed only when feeling asleep helps me not get caught in thoughts and dreams.
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