What Truly Is The Right Way?

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    I'm sure there is someone who can help me. I left a comment to a YouTube video ( I don't run or know who runs the channel so not an ad. Hopefully this is within the NoFap guidelines) which is below. I thought that why not ask here also if someone can help me:

    I'm a very young guy who got "redpilled" through PUA. I discovered it through YouTube and it lead me here. I have gradually shifted further and further away from PUA and now you convinced me that it isn't that great after all. I'm still very young and wrong about many many things. And rn I agree a lot with MGTOW but I want to date. I don't know if it's because I've been conditioned to it but I want to at least lose my virginity and have some experiences with girls to form my opinion about dating. So if day game is bs how should I meet girls? Where how and when? Should I not bother to approach girls on the street, stores, gym etc. at all? Thank you for anybody who can help me.
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    You are 16. You don't need to force anything. "Losing your virginity" as a goal is as worthwhile as "watching 10.000 porn videos" is. Keep a sexually sober lifestyle to become a masculine man and stay away from the garbage on the Internet.

    Don't shut yourself in, look for friendships with people of both genders and build. Build a life for yourself and it will naturally attracts girls wanting to be part of it.
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    It starts with friendship homie
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    I guess you are asking for some general real life advice and not some retarded PUA.
    K. So that's how it works:
    Humans talk with each other. If you want to talk to someone to ask them what the time is, how are they doing etc. whether they are strangers or not, you do it. That is a human thing to do. To talk.
    If you want to talk to some opposite sex member because you think you kind of like them, you just do it. Period. You just do it.
    It is not wrong to talk to an opposite sex member on the street or anywhere else IF YOU WANT TO DO IT. You do you. No one gives a goddamn.

    "Daygame" sorry bro I don't understand that slang. But remember that PUA is a contradicting bollocks that is designed to confuse you and then make you purchase certain products, or in short, make money out of you.
    It is full of bullshit, contradictory statements - I don't remember off the top of my head, I randomly heard some things so I won't give you examples, sorry - and a rather zero binary outlook on life.

    It is kind of hard to explain how humans work and keep it short but I'll give it a try:
    Men like women, and women like men.
    Not every woman is going to be liked by every man, in the same way as not every man is going to be liked by every woman.
    Humans like each other for who they are, their opinions, hobbies, etc. When it comes to male-women relationships, there is also looks. Looks is important and that is what makes a man want a woman and vice versa. Without that there is no sexual chemistry.

    Humans are different so compatibility varies. Some people click, some people don't. That's just how it always way. Nothing you can do about it. Certain people only like certain kinds of people. Just like you and me. There are people that I admire and there are people that I despise. There are many reasons and I can't tell you everything. Same is true for every human in the world. Different humans have different reasons for admiring and despising people though. It is in fact that people are loved and hated for the same reasons by different people.

    K. I tried my best.
    That is how the world works, bro. I hope it makes sense.
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